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...the lovely but tragic Leslie Cheung.

Anyway thanx to Zoe, not giving up on David yet. Besides who am I to judge him or anyone? So long as we try not to hurt anyone & try our vry best to dream, think it should be ok.

David has been vry busy attending fans gathering in mainland China including his hometown Shanghai. He wore a white shirt & jacket in Shanghai & looked quite charming. He oso did lotsa interviews & answered heaps of questions which r basically the same stuff the media always asked - views of chinese entertainment, comparision to Jay, when is he getting married, why is he quitting & doing movies, is Catherine really his mom, etc, etc.
A brief english writeup:
David Tao dislikes Chinese 'godfather of R&B' title
2005-03-28 02:56:54 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
HONG KONG, Mar 28 (AP) -- Taiwanese pop star David Tao says he doesn't like being called Chinese pop's "godfather of R&B" because it's a contrived title.
Tao, known for his R&B style, told the South China Morning Post, "labeling is a false sense of identity."
"In Chinese society, a lot of people like to call others teacher or master. I don't like people calling me that. We shouldn't use labels," Tao was quoted as saying in a story published Monday.
Tao said R&B is just one of his influences.
"Actually, my roots are rock. When I was in high school, I had long hair and was into rock. I was anti-R&B and anti-rap ... when I was older, probably after the age of 20, I listened to more soul, more blues and more classic R&B," he said.
Tao, 35, also said he wants to try his hand at film making.
"I want to direct a film before I'm 40 and I've started writing something," he said.

Oso not vry clear whether he is coming to Singapore for NKF charity show. Its strange that his website has so little news on his schedule. David will be appearing in tonight's TVBS Asia entertainment news.


zoe said...

maybe his website admin couldn't keep up with his tight schedule~? XD

lol~ dont' thank me, I experience before, the 'expectations' over something, someone.. I used to wonder alot why many artist that I like doesnt improve & act like a product to a company.. but I guess they got their own lives to attend to & maybe 'dream' that doesn't need to be share with others..

as long as David stay focus on his dream~ whatever that is :P I'll support him all the way~ [with critism as well as compliments]

Zhao said...

I must thank you Zoe cos you are so sensible & great & wonderful. If not for you, I will not be able to continue my blog so *big huggie" <3<3<3<3<3