Prince Charming in white

Anyway I am back to my happy self now that I bid farewell to the Soul Power David & looking forward to the new David who is looking like Prince Charming in white. Pix credit to davidcn member (sry can't translate yr chinese name but u r great) but I need to post it here cos its one of the best I have seen of David recently. He's wearing his gold chain again (yea yea) & his favorite white belt, must be his fav cos he wear it so often & maybe he got it across the border cos it vry espanol non?
This is during the "Global Entertainment" program @ Zhejiang Film & TV Channel. Hangzhou was also the topic of his 11th website msg as he was vry upset when his autograph session was arbitarily cancelled without reason. He had no choice but to get his fans to leave the cds in the record shop so he could take them back to his hotel to sign them, such a sweet gesture!
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Of cos the Hangzhou fans dun blamed him at all but they were vry upset as they really wanted to see him in person to wish him well. Anyway hopefully the next time David goes back to Hangzhou his fans can get to see him. Pix of West Lake (Credit: Internet Hangzhou Folks Club) where David took his short boat trip & u can see how beautiful. Marco Polo (1254-1324) wrote, "In Heaven there is Paradise, On Earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou." I am really glad David managed to get some quality time there.
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More on the Sin trip, nlayhua posted @ the forum that actually David arriving on the 28th so the promo @ the Expo will probably be held over the weekend. Details r vry sketchy but apparently Yes933 will be giving away tickets so stay tuned to that station.
Sum more pixs of David @ Worldvision 'Make friends with kids of the world' promo.

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