The perfect interview

David & his disciples heehee. Not sure if he managed to visit the Shaolin Monastery but he did meet sum young Shaolin disciples & they performed wushu while he sang The Art of War wow really wanna see that.
Managed to listen to the ufm1003 interview & it was great, vry impressed with dj Yu Ling, she sounded really nice & intelligent. She brought up a few new things abt his song. The first is Ghost. There's a bit that goes 'four face eight directions' & she demonstrated how the fading in & out in the music makes it sounded like u r surrounded. Then the bit that goes 'patiently wait for the day to grow slowly dark, no matter how tired you are feeling, you cannot let yourself go to sleep'. Yu Ling asked if it meant 'keep watch' in the biblical sense. David said yes, he is christian and related how Jesus told his disciples to 'keep watch' when they asked him for signs of His Second Coming.
Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come. It's like a man going away: He leaves his house and puts his servants in charge, each with his assigned task, and tells the one at the door to keep watch. Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back--whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!' (Mark 13:33-37)
Dun u find this guy so inspiring?
Then they talk abt Susan Said & I thought David was going to mention the usual things abt his mom & Beijing opera, but instead he talked abt a movie called Somewhere in time starring Christopher Reeves & Jane Seymour released in 1980. Heard abt this movie but nvr seen it.
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It was adapted from a book called Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson who wrote it after seeing a photograph of an American stage actress called Maude Adams. Richard Matheson also cowrote the screenplay. Basically abt a guy who saw a portrait of a woman in the past & fell so much in love that he willed himself to travel back in time to look for her. Surprised that David like such a romantic tearjerker. He oso said the soundtrack was vry good. Anyway he made me want to read the book & maybe watch the movie although not overly fond of slushy romantic movies.
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Then Yu Ling mentioned Katrina who wrote the lyrics for 2night & David explained this was not the Katrina of the demo song in Black Tangerine. This Katrina was a writer David met in Taiwan & whom he thought vry unusual for a Taiwanese girl as she is quite daring. He got her to write 2night lyrics cos he felt she will be able to convey a sexy song without sleaziness. Its vry strange that unlike others, I dun find 2night at all sexy but just a sweet love song sang by David in a sexy voice, but then David always sound sexy when he sing anyway hahahahaha.
Sumone sms to ask abt when the chatroom on his website will commenced & David said that cos they want not only sound but video as well, cost more both in time & money. Also since the website is completely free of charge, the expenses come out of his own pocket. Then sumone sms in to say willing to pay, so sweet.
Then when they were playing Who do you love, David was so funny when they talked abt the piano playing & he said he envisoned a ballet dancer wearing a tutu jumping out of the piano & singing do you love me or him? He was so funny & adorable. Finally Yu Ling asked him to sing live & he sang a few lines of Love Can & IT WAS SO GOOD! He never sound better, just perfect. Perfect interview, perfect dj & of cos the always perfect David Tao.

Well it won't be long now before the mini showcase @ the Expo. Just be warned that it is free standing so get there early. If u still desperately looking for ticket, yr last choice is to buy The Great Leap cd which comes with the ticket. The Great Leap Dvd Session only available next week in Singapore so dun kick yourself if u have already purchased another copy of The Great Leap to get the ticket. Oso cos of sum contractual problem with his previous company, David's new songs not available @ ktv yet but not sure only in Taiwan or here as well.
David did not mentioned the songwriting @ Hard Rock Cafe during the interview only the Expo showcase. Really hope its not a no show like the NKF, but surely not. Already his visit is fraught with disappointment abt the tickets & not being able to meet him @ the airport. I am just being paranoid so dun u worry abt a thing if u got the tickets to attend. Just have a great time! Pixs credit davidcn


zoe said...

I thought '2 Night' was pure sexeh~!! :P without knowing the meaning at all~ XD
but I like the 2 night = tonight thingy very much~ & David voice was like OMFG~!!! /me melting
very cool interview~ thank so much for translating them here~ since I won't be able to listen to them from here ^^
/me cookies for Zhaodi~!!

Zhao said...

Glad u like the interview, Zoe, its really great & his speaking voice is just as sexy, I was melting so much when I was listening kekekekkekekekekekeke

dav10_714 said...

Hey, I heard the interview too. Really liked it. It was different than the other interviews I heard. Kinda serious and they talked about the songs and the music. Didn't really understand due to my shallow apprehension of Mandarin but managed to grab the whole story. There's a part about Peter and how he kicked someone on plane. Really funny. And, David's voice, man... really sexy. His Love Can solo was so nice that I was melting when I heard it.

Anonymous said...

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