Esta llorando mi corazon
Since he is so keen to transform himself, sadly farewell the Soul Power David but remember I will always always always wish you the very best no matter what *big sigh*
Anyway let's move on, thanx to nlayhua its seemed that David will come to Singapore for promo organised by Yes933 @ Singapore Expo on Apr 28. Nothing yet on the website tho, & 28 is Thurs, why not Fri? Maybe he can only come on that day but whatever, its good that he can come.
Lynn is organising t-shirts & if u interested plse email her tangerine_slices@hotmail.com okay, she needs at least another 4 ppl. Lynn, my shirt is a gift for David so just made it large, maybe he can grow into it heehee. If u guys r going in a group with yr identical t-shirts, it will be so nice & maybe can pass the shirt to him.

Sprite is having awards night in China on Apr 17 so could be why David couldn't come for NKF charity show as he would have to attend as the possibility of him receiving an award is extremely high dun u think? Oso read that cos of late release of The Great Leap, it may not be eligible for GMA this yr. But really these award shows r so meaningless now that I know that the chinese music industry is only worth 900 million. How do the lesser known singers survive? I have heard that if u can afford it, u can hire chinese celebrities to have dinner with u & there is like a pricelist. I always thought its just ugly rumors but maybe not. Anyway guess with everything in life there is a seamier side that u nvr get to see.
More pixs of David's mini concert in Shanghai here where a fan handed him lipbalm so u see not only me who remembered the Soul Power David *another big sigh*


Siew Mai said...

Hi Zhaodi, looks like u are so disappointed with DT that you want to stop supporting him? but you have never told us why you are sad... DT's new album marks the start of a new trilogy and you can't expect to have no changes. And yes, why are you sad? why are you bidding farewell? :( :( :(

Also in your earlier blog, are you indirectly telling us that he had an eye surgery before? Is that true?

zoe said...

well~ I'm not really complaining much about his dressing style in Soul Power~ coz he look so manly in it.. :drool: but he's somewhat dressing like a rapper [gold chain & T-shirt] it suit him & not really suit him at the same time..

so seeing him trying more fashionable clothes doesn't bother me much ^^; atleast he try~ in future maybe he will be more groom & sophisticated.. that's fashion to me.. it change through time.. like how David evolve himself through his own time..

atleast there r 'changes' to him, better than being 'static' & too stuck up.. I still find him attractive coz when he wants to change, he just don't need to ask for permissions.. he just do it.. aint' that enough for a person?

I find M.I.A. too violent & harsh for my listening pleasure, I like the underline message as much as u do but I don't think I can turn on her track as often as I listen to David.. beside Dave got more variety to offer ^^;

ummm do u like Sarah McLachlan? she's my fav artists too~ eventho her voice abit gloomy & it make my heart sink.. hearing her songs but it good to listen from time to time :P

Zhao said...

Hi hi Siew Mai, I am not sad now, just bidding farewell to the Soul Power David cos David is changing & I like the Soul Power David but maybe the newer version of him I will like too, so have to wait & see. Yes, David had refractive eye surgery last yr I think & he made no secret of it. Anyway dun worry I still support him :) hope to see u post again k

Zhao said...

Hello Zoe, u must be posting the same time as I did, we are so much in tune sometimes haha. Yes, I like Sarah McLachlan too & I find her gloomy too but sometimes good for my moods *wink* yes David should change & evolve & be not be hold back, but dun worry I already bid farewell to the Soul Power David & looking forward to the new David <3<3<3<3<3

Anonymous said...


wanna thank you for doing such a great job with David Blogspot! Your site is the one that i visit everyday for more DT news and updates. thank you!

viva dave tao!

jacelyn from penang, malaysia