Singapore promo

At last more info regarding David's promo in Singapore provided with thanks by missred @ davidtao.com forum.

Date: Sat, 04/30
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Hall 1, Singapore Expo

How to get tickets:
1) Buy The Great Leap 2005 cd which is exactly the same not new release from music store, ticket is included on the cover
2) Buy Sony Ericsson handphone from Singtel Hello! stores
3) Log onto http://www.ideas.singtel.com to dl David related mvs, wallpapers, assuming u must be subscriber first
4) Listen to Yes933 who will be giving away tickets
10 lucky winners get to meet David face to face, and looks like it will be a mini concert & I will say bring along yr Great Leap cd as it could end with autograph session like in the Malaysia promos. Oso undoubtedly there will be radio interviews & stuff.

Of cos he has to come when I most probably be outta town. But considering the mood I am in, its best not to meet him. Anyway for those who think I am over criticising him & all, well I am still around posting abt him & updating. Actually I last longer & more faithful than sum others I remembered when I first started as a DT fan. This blog has been active for 10 months & I update almost daily so yeah I can be considered a vry good fan. I can't help how I feel abt him, its vry personal but its oso cos I have so much love & respect for him. If I can perceived the change in him is cos of a musical direction, I can take it much better. But its mostly cosmetic change which dun in any way enhance his music.
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In fact he dun need to change his image at all. A lot of ppl started to like him cos of Soul Power concerts & seeing him live. Those concerts really make him a lot of fans cos of his sincerity. Not cos he has slimmed down or become better looking. Of cos there r some who like him more now cos of his improved looks but its just idolatry & dun last long. But if he want to change to a better looking & more commercialised version, that's fine too. But I will want to whinge abt it for a bit but if he dun compromised on his music, then I still be around. For me, its always abt the music. So long as he dun change as drastically as Michael Jackson then its should still be ok.
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Anyway sum news today abt David going to a music school in China & fooling around with traditional chinese instruments like pipa & erhu. He was compared to Jay & Lee Hom again for 'blowing the chinese wind' in his music. But David said that new chinese music should not just be throwing the sounds of pipa & erhu into hiphop, but using music to bring out chinese culture & talk abt chinese stories. Oso he asked his chinese fans not to be impatient as he will definitely be having concerts this year but dates are still to be confirmed.
Managed to convert Love Can mv into a smaller file for uploading & happy to say image nice & clear. Available @ blog forum but need to register first okie.


iciclesandsnow said...

Hi, this is a great blog...

Wrt David's image, I can understand where u're coming from, but a man's gotta eat. If a more polished image can help him tap the enormous Chinese market, why not? I go into a record shop and see that the albums by less worthy artistes occupy more space than any of David Tao's cds. No shop's going to put an unattractive poster on its front. As long as his music carries the same consistent message of love and peace then I'd say he's not selling out.

Zhao said...

Hi hi merry potato, thank u for yr comments. But still he can be healthy & attractive rite? During his concerts, he look vry attractive dun u think?

siew mai said...

hurhur... his image during the concert ish sho yummie yum yum L0Lx and i lub that funky hairtyle of his then, which i think is better than the current longer hairstyle which can make him look a lil dull sometimes!

iciclesandsnow said...

I thought he looked yummy during his concert... didn't know he was so tall and muscular in person. I hope I get to see him closer up during the expo performance! =)

Anonymous said...

Zhaodi - i love that Soul Power pic from Taiwan - all the kids are really laughing. I remember the moment- they had just finished helping David sing "Dear God" and David spoke to a little boy, who got punched by a little girl for the privilege and David scolded "what did you do that for?" - "because you spoke to him and not me" - then he had them all laughing, and he was probably beginning to regret that he could have 30 or more squabbling kids to deal withn just before the show's finale!

As for the size of the music "market", I saw something that seemed very ironic in the scmp - (can't find it electronically) that the Wiggles, children's entertainers, earned AUD 45 million last year - more than Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe! No wonder DT gets pi***d off!

btw, your humble blog consistently comes out tops on a simple "david tao" search on yahoo - ahead of dt.com! Thanks. And don't worry about "going off" DT from time to time. The more exposure he gets, the more he will contradict himself and seem inconsistent. If you need a cure, just don't listen to him for a full week or visit relevant websites, then play his very first cd from start to finish!