David in Beijing

David appearing at media event in Beijing, quite large scale & held at an old style Beijing opera hall. The embroidered backdrop is vry beautiful. EMI specially presented him a scroll for 120 thousand copies sold after only more than 3 mths release. They also have opera performers staged a bit of Su San Jit Che. Can watch here but vry slow.
The announcer was Qu Ying who acted in Who do you love mv, was surprised how tall she is & vry lovely & elegant. 4 members of davidcn went on stage to present him sum presents but this series of pixs is so funny as he seemed a bit unsure of the gifts.
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Oso take a close look @ their red shirts, vry nice Soul Power image. Davidcn is now as famous as David as whenever he goes in China, sum members will always be around to welcome him, what a great fanclub (sg fans r u reading?)
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David oso mentioned his upcoming concert & I think he said 10 concerts but not sure just in China or other countries. He said the location & dates still not finalised. Then sumone shouted abt his 'David is looking for you' ad & he said must speak & sing chinese, & must play at least one instrument well. Age, sex & nationality dun matter.
David oso said that the making of this album was a challenge for him & now its a challenge for his fans as well. Think I understand why he said that & going to just add my own comments. I felt sad when I read comments by sum sg fans who said they didn't want to buy another copy of The Great Leap even for the mini concert cos they felt it wasn't as good as Black Tangerine.
Making an album for David is a creative process & so like all artists even he himself cannot control the end result much as he would like to. Its not like baking a cake where you put in certain ingredients & you know what sort of cake you end up. David just want an album that is most appropriate for him to express his thoughts & emotions, & not just music that will delight all his fans. If he were to come with an album which will please fans & critics alike, then he will be like the others churning out 'cookie cutter' album one after another. I wonder why sum fans cannot understand this.

Sure you may not like The Great Leap but surely there r sum songs in there u like & want to recommend to others. To just dismiss the album as one you will not recommend to yr friends is sad. Its like you are sulking cos David did not come up with the album you like. But if you r a fan, then you will wanna understand why he came up with such an album & give him support even though you dun like the album.
Every album to David is a painful process like giving birth if you have watched Ultrasound. How will you feel if sumone said yr newborn baby is not as good as yr previous child?
OK dun turn up to support David cos of so called 'EMI tactics' but to then rub salt into the wound & said The Great Leap is not good enough is quite unforgiveable. & it dun matter how much of a fan u r previously cos u can't just add up the past to justify the present. Like the anti-Japanese protest in China now. Sumtimes u have to let go of the past to move forward which is what David is doing.
Anyway I am happy to see more msgs of support from Sg fans @ DT forum. Btw David won 4 not 1 awards @ Sprite awards including best singer/composer I think. Of cos the itchy media has to throw in story that Jay did not win any, as I recall David did not win any @ Pepsi awards too & Jay won almost all the awards, but there was deafening silence from the media then. Hahahahahahahaha now that I have disclaimer I can be even freer with my words so watch out heehee.

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