My one & only idol

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Ticket to David's promo - a gift from my auntie who decided she want her own copy of David's album (she ripped the songs off my album heehee). I wanna keep as memento but sumone could use it rite? Anyway Lynn if u need another ticket or nlayhua or fei or missred, plse email me. But I only have one ticket to give away, I wish I could give you all tickets.
I guess its unfair to force ppl to buy the album again just to get the ticket but think of it this way, it costs just as much to go to the movies & u get to watch a live performance plus DT cd to give away as gift. It should be worth it rite?

I have sumthing to confess - I cannot give up David heehee, he's much too adorable altho he does look anorexic as Jinx pointed out. I hope he will wake up to his senses & start eating. This half starved look is so yesterday. Look at Brat Pitt & Keanu Reeves, pure man.
If u r Keanu fan careful clicking this pix cos its extremely high voltage hahahaha. Anyway it seemed that David is looking for someone for his upcoming concert who must be able to sing, dance & play musical instruments. Oso must understand chinese so if u dun understand anything on his website, then u r probably not eligible but still u can always try if u r keen. Just log on to davidtao.com & click on lower right flashing image.
JJ Lin has a new album No. 89757 which is getting a lot of criticism for sounding like a carbon copy of the other J. So sad but I have not heard the album so not sure if its true. But I have to admit I listen to less & less chinese music now, in fact David is just abt the only chinese singer I listen to. He is just too good to give up.


siew mai said...

i lyk the term "pure man", how apt, hurhur... tat pix of Keanu... what a feast for the eyes ;p

happy to know u r not giving up David *huggies*

estee said...

I am giving out 100 free tix to the concert. I have posted concert details up on the forum, but not sure if it is clear. Pleas I am keen to give them away for free but I only want the true fans to come for it, please e mail me at estee84@gmail.com. I need to give the tix fast!

nien said...

wow, it's like up and down with you huh?

Zhao said...

Thank u so much for yr hug siew mai & yeah its seems that way nien but I will always support David no matter what!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the offer Zhaodi, but i won't need the ticket.

~ fei