Songwriting session

A change of clothing at last & quite cute tee, he looked extremely huggable. Pix credit davidcn @ another chinese city maybe Shangdu not sure. This is autograph session & he had media interview too where he said he is busy preparing his concerts but hope to release another album next yr. Again he said that the concerts different from Soul Power & will start from China around Aug-Sep. Regarding the labelling of 'r&b godfather' he asked why must there be this unremovable hat on his head? (can see a small frown on his brow heehee)

I think its easier to categorised things in the news so ppl dun actually have to use their brain to assimilate the information. Like David I find its exasperating that they keep putting the r&b label on him when he has said so many times he is not r&b anything. David said that if he has time, he like to visit Shaolin Monastery so guess he was sumwhere near this famous place, sry but not too familiar with China geography & too tired to do a search.

Vry sweet early pix of David & his mum in another article abt the song Catherine which getting to like more & more. Recently accompanied a friend to visit her mom in hospital & she had this song on repeat in the car. She's not even his fan but the song reminded her so much of her mom. Such touching lyrics.
There is schedule of David's Sg activities posted in DT forum & davten yahoo grp. Apparently he is doing an event abt songwriting @ Hard Rock Cafe on Sat afternoon b4 his Expo gig. No activities yet for Fri. So 1 more day to go & he will be here Thurs morning. Consider going to airport but its too hard & still have to pack *sigh* He is here & I am gone. I'd love to attend that songwriting event where he will be in his element not playing idol to his adoring fans. Not that its not nice but it will definitely be different side of him u get to see. So if u have the chance guys dun miss it!
The Great Leap MV Session is already out in Taiwan so only a matter of days it get here, apparently it will be released 5/2 in Malaysia. So do keep a lookout. Above & below pixs credit & thanks to davidcn
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