David and Worldvision

Such a gorgeous pix, David & 12 kids from different parts of the world. He is the spokesman for Worldvision new campaign - make friends with children of the world. He has filmed cm with the kids using the song Love Can. These 12 kids were specially invited to Taiwan for the cm & other promos. David used english & simple Spanish to communicate with sum of them. He said the children were vry spontaneous & make friends easily with each other.
David & 6 kids went on TVBS Asia & 2 kids were made to sing their native songs which they did quite well. Then the 2 hosts played April Fool joke on David, they pretended to ask for his autograph & gave him an exploding pen. His expression was really funny then he turned around to the kids & said in english, "Very bad, these are very bad people." It was so adorable & made me want to love him again.

He does look vry natural with the kids. Btw Mark has kindly posted the entire interview from The Associated Press, short version posted below, @ Davten yahoo grp, thk Mark >_< Anyway here David's reason for going commercial:
'The market is changing and I have to change, too,' Tao says. 'Doing an endorsement is an important way for artists to get exposure. Compared with other artists, I've done only a fifth or a quarter of what they've done. It's not a bad thing as long as it doesn't compromise my music. Some people may be surprised when seeing me [in adverts], but a bigger group of people will love to see that - they can see more of me, the side of me that is not serious or stern and not a godfather of R&B, but a side of me that is fun and childlike.'
Well said, but surely the quantity of the endorsement dun matter but the intention, David? But I will accept this reasoning for now cos I have no other choice. He also said that he will try to come out with another album end of the yr, & judging by the voting put up on his website, it may be an album of songs written for other artists which will be a wonderful choice. *sigh* rite now I feel like yr song Who do you love? where I have no idea whether to love or hate you.
According to the NKF charity show website, it seemed David is one of the guest participants but still no confirmation yet so still have to wait & see, poor patient Sin fans.

Anyway sum good news found this website with all the pinyin translation for The Great Leap, enjoy! Short english online article in Hangzhou where David recently went for fans gathering.
David Tao Have New Album Release in Hangzhou
2005/03/31 16:43:29
By Jin Tao Daily Business
The singer David Tao's new album Times of Peace has come out for months and its sales volume also has been listed on top in each chart. Invited by the program of "Global Entertainment " of Zhejiang Film & TV Channel, David Tao has held his new album release in Hangzhou yesterday, there were numerous participants on the site and the atmosphere was also extremely warm and enthusiastic

Here interesting article in The Wall Street Journal abt Asian Popstars trying to make it in US. Read the figure $900 million was the value of the Asia's music market in 2003 excluding Japan, compared to $11.8 billion in Europe & $12.5 in US. So can understand why David was angry & why he said the market suck. As for the singers trying to make it in US, think I go for Tata Young. Only cos she looks womanly & sings like a woman. I am tired of the sexy Lolita look.
Coco Lee oso has a new english album out but really can't be bothered so sry. Strange that the article did not mentioned the success of Sri Lankan M.I.A. who even has her own page on MTV. Or Norah Jones as like Tata Young, she is part Asian. If u dun know, her dad is legendary Indian musician, Ravi Shankar. Or maybe the article was concentrating on Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK & China. Oso no male stars r being pushed by the record companies cos it will be twice as hard to sell them in the US unless they look & sing like William Hung! Haha, sry just joking although image of William will probably remain for some time in the US public eye as the stereotyped male singer.
Image hosted by TinyPic.com Now that's sum tee yeah, probably designed by M.I.A. herself. Now David should wear sumthing like that & make me love him again. Lynn, if u r reading, yr mission is to design a great t-shirt for David & make him wear it so I can love him again kekekekekekekekekkekekeke

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