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David @ Sprite award, he got the most fav singer or sumthing like that not sure. Anyway he only got 1 award which should stop any criticism that he got awards cos he is Sprite spokesman. But David is vry upset as he has been misquoted in the past few days which he explained in his 12th msg. Actually when I read that he criticised DJs as judges, I felt it was a bit funny as he has always thanked & was grateful to the djs for playing his songs. In fact when I first became his fan, it was because he was 1 of the few artists who acknowledged the important role of the djs. The 2nd was that he said he didn't drive in Taipei cos it was 'dirty', again I thought he is not so insensitive to say that. So glad I didn't translate those news.
Actually I do filtered a lot of the news I read & tried to translate only the ones I think are actual reporting not 'rubbish' but sumtimes its hard, so I have included a disclaimer in the interest of the truth. I am also human & only a fan & sumtimes I write nonsense so please dun take everything on this blog as gospel. Please do remember David do not endorse the things I write on this blog & most of the information are secondary sources. The things you read here are not necessary true abt David. As David says, "In the pursuit of the truth... Trust no one."
Of cos I will still translate the news & express my views and so forth, but you just have to make up your own mind abt David. I may criticise, gossip and make fun of him, but I totally, totally believe in him & this msg only increase my respect & admiration for his sincere, honest character.


rebby said...

Jay is spokesman for Pepsi and David is spokesman for Sprite. What do we get at the end of the day?

zoe said...

who is the spokesman of 'Coke' then? I'd like to know :grin: