DT's new song

No news yet about release of new album but David has a new song which he sang during March 30 fan meet in Xi'an, China . Chinese name is 一念之间 and english name is probably Say Goodbye. It's a lovely old-fashioned song with excellent lyrics written by DT's longtime lyrist WaWa. He sang it live of cos: 一念之间
你是怎么做到的,我不是你要的爱 。 你是怎么想象的,关于你们的未来。 如果我怀疑幸福不会一直存在, 请告诉我怎么做才得到爱。 你会为爱说什么,当做永恒的承诺。 你以前为爱做过的,后悔的事多不多。 如果已经不在乎啊,就不妨说明白。 请告诉我该怎么say goodbye 一边是有情,一边是无情。 爱情里没有人最聪明 心中的莫名的想法扑过来,最后是自己 一边成了佛,一边成了魔 每个人做了心中的选择 当初心头的最好,一念之间可以 say goodbye 你曾爱说什么,当做永恒的承诺。 你曾为爱做过的,后悔的事多不多不多。 如果已经不在乎啊,就不妨说明白。 请告诉我该怎么say goodby。 一边是有情,一边是无情。 爱情里没有人最聪明 心中的莫名的想法扑过来,最后是自己 一边成了佛,一边成了魔 每个人做了心中的选择 当初心头的最好,一念之间可以 say goodbye 一边是有情,一边是无情。 爱情里没有最聪明 心中的莫名的想法扑过来,最后是自己 一边成了佛,一边成了魔 每个人做了心中的选择 当初心头的最好,一念之间可以 say goodbye
Music by David Tao, lyrics by WaWa


DT ushering in 2013

David ushering in 2013 in Kaohsiung Taiwan. He sang his evergreens including Airport in 10.30 with a live band. Then there was a whole segment where he sang his famous love songs with 30 pairs of newly-weds on stage. It was quite surreal but still DT took it in good stride. Here's the obligatory youtube: He sounded really good and he has aged a bit but just add to his overall charm. I love every bit of his performance with no ridiculous costumes or dancers. Just good old real live singing -- how I miss it. As usual he looked even more fabulous during rehearsal:
Once again he promised a new ablum this year but not movie, thank goodness. However, it is true that he will be having a concert tour covering quite a few chinese cities.
I love the poster and the name of the tour - The Glamourous Life. I only hope he keeps it simple like the Kaohsiung concert. And also that he will sing more songs from his later albums. Happy New Year dear David, even though I hardly update this blog but you still my one and only idol.


RIP 陶大偉 1942 - 2012

Very sad news. David's beloved father 陶大偉 passed away on September 12 2012. Condolences to David Tao and his family.