DT ushering in 2013

David ushering in 2013 in Kaohsiung Taiwan. He sang his evergreens including Airport in 10.30 with a live band. Then there was a whole segment where he sang his famous love songs with 30 pairs of newly-weds on stage. It was quite surreal but still DT took it in good stride. Here's the obligatory youtube: He sounded really good and he has aged a bit but just add to his overall charm. I love every bit of his performance with no ridiculous costumes or dancers. Just good old real live singing -- how I miss it. As usual he looked even more fabulous during rehearsal:
Once again he promised a new ablum this year but not movie, thank goodness. However, it is true that he will be having a concert tour covering quite a few chinese cities.
I love the poster and the name of the tour - The Glamourous Life. I only hope he keeps it simple like the Kaohsiung concert. And also that he will sing more songs from his later albums. Happy New Year dear David, even though I hardly update this blog but you still my one and only idol.

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