My choice is David

Thks again net friends - mark, siew mai, zoe, nien, lynn, sue ann, jinx, coco, & others for yr comments & encouragement, esp Mark, you r always so wise & come up with alternative views. Its so true what u said abt the more exposure the more inconsistent David will appear. Look at me, changing my mind so many times within 1 week, how can I then expect him to be so consistent. But actually I am satisfied, more than satisfied with David. He has done what he humanly can to justified his own view of the world.
His cooperation with Worldvision, his constant travelling to different areas to meet his fans, his apology to his fans in Hangzhou even though it wasn't really his fault, all these make all his fans feel that their love for him has been doubly reciprocated. I cannot expect more of him, nobody can.
Actually Mark I have stopped listening to him for a week, then while queuing for my $1 ice blend, I heard Who do you love playing. Went home, put on my headset & listen to the song twice. His voice so familiar, so soothing, it was like welcoming me back to my nest like his song Love Can - "giving me support, wings to fly & a nest to return." I finally understood the last few lines in Who do you love - "you cannot see the good in us...why struggle...go and love him". It was like me struggling these past days whether or not to give up on him until I dun see the good in him anymore & finally it was always my choice not David's. He has already made his & he will not force us to accept him the way he is. It either you do or you don't, your choice.
Anyway so happy I finally made my choice with help from you guys *group hug*
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Another 'tongue sticking out' pix hehehehhehehe taken by fan @ davidcn.com. Singapore fans who r thinking of buying another Great Leap album for the promo ticket might wanna wait as according to this ilovemusic sg website a DVD version of Great Leap, inclusive of 10 music videos and karaoke tracks will be made available on 20 April 2005. They may also put the ticket in the dvd as well so dun hurt to wait & see, so yr money will be well spend. Anyway hope its true as have been waiting for his mv release forever, 10 David videos *faint* just fabulous.
Link here to another great website, Anita Mui, where David talked abt writing Song for Anita, scroll down, actually much preferred the chinese title of Her Song, sounded more appropriate. Statue of Anita Mui @ Hong Kong Madame Tussand's Wax Museum below, credit to mui-mui.org.

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