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Haha the comments abt fat David remind me of this pix which I 'stolen' from davidcn, thx vry much. Ppl wondered whether I am obsessive abt David, well, my answer is if David still look like this I will be vry obsessive indeed. I absolutely love that innocent, earnest David so intent on signing his I'm OK albums. Look at those chubby cheeks, so pinchable, his scruffy hair, doubly adorable. I oso like meatier guys not fat just cosily huggable.
Of cos David can nvr returned to this earlier manifestation so I still love him a lot but obsessed to the point that I want to live with him & have his baby errrrrrrrrrr no please heehee. So glad u guys like that Joanna post & to those who worry that I am getting too much into his personal life. Let me assure you that all the things that I wrote had already been published in the news many times. In fact there's lot more which I dun bothered with cos vry gossipy. Oso I think its naive to think celebrities dun use the media selectively.
For eg the pix of David & Joanna in LA looked extremely 'posed', this was after Black Tangerine & the song Melody revealed his breakup. Maybe he intended to let ppl know that he had recovered & moved on, I dun know. All I know is being 'caught' by the media is quite often not 'accidental'. For instance I know of a celebrity couple who met, fell in love, had an affair & broke up in 2 yrs without being mentioned in the news. Probably cos they were so genuinely in love & refused to use their affair as media fodder that they were left alone to enjoy their relationship in silence.
Consider this: David said that he quite often fly to Singapore 'incognito' ostensibly for business but he could be conducting an affair here for all we know rite? Not saying he is ok, just an eg how celebrity can avoid the media if they really want to. Oso I think if you dun want ppl to speculate abt yr relationship with 'Jo', you will not write such a personal 'thank you', right David? (why no such personal thank you to the other important ppl in his life, his mon & dad?) You will thank her in quiet personal manner like maybe a proposal? kekekekekekekekekke just joking, its Saturday arvo & relax time after all.
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He oso mentioned a certain 'Mel' in his first two albums, wonder if he's in the habit of shortening his gf's names *shudder* hahahahahahahha & consider this - 5 yrs of relationship & nvr a pix together ever published (except for a brief moment in his Ultrasound docu). So plse dun be so naive as to think that our suave & intelligent Mr Tao dun attempt to use the media selectively & to his own advantage like many celebrities here & in the West. That's why his song Sula & Lampa really reflect his view on the media in such an affectionate & brilliant manner.
Maybe that's why I admire him so much cos he is so full of human contradictions & yet nvr afraid to reveal them. I remembered the first time I listened to his first album & was astonished at the raw emotion, the 'imperfect' recording & non studio feel. It was such an impact that someone has so much talent & audacity to record such a album & a first album to boot. Black Tangerine is a great album too for his inventiveness & willingness to explore, but it was much too 'finished' (although my fav song will always be Black Tangerine, the album version). Fortunately he realised this & tried to go back to simplicity with The Great Leap with mixed results. Its sad we r now so used to studio enhanced albums that we required that extra boost to popular music. I really hope David can bring back the rawness of emotion, that 'virgin feel of good music' in his next album. For that I will always support him & be ever more 'obsessive' *fluttering eyelashes*.
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Sry abt this looooooooong reflective post, its a long time I did one & was in the mood for one. Anyway not much news to report, just confirmation that his Great Leap mv dvd is indeed a reality & according to the Taiwan side, released on 4/26. But keep a lookout Sg fans on 4/20 as maybe released here earlier as tie-in with his promo & concert.
A lot of sg fans unhappy with EMI tactic to force ppl to buy an extra album for the ticket. But try to be realistic, I would say that english abums here enjoy better sales than chinese, & considering the population here, I would say David's sales here will not even register a blimp in his overall sales of The Great Leap. There's no major sponsor for this trip which seemed spur of the moment kinda & not vry organised. Maybe David was scheduled to come here travelling 'incognito' as usual & the concert was tacked on at the last minute. So we should really be grateful that David is so willing to spend time here for a concert when really the sg fans were not vry enthusiastic abt buying his album & voting for his songs. Sales for Jay concert cd/vcd & sum chinese compilation album were better than The Great Leap & Ghost did not even reach No 1. So I really dun think we have the right to complain rite or not lah?
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Julie said...

Hey this is Julie I totally love ur reflective posts on ur blog about David and his news. I guess if all fans are just like you David would have a very easy time getting around the press because of his understanding fans.

Zhao said...

Thanx Julie for yr comments. Welcome to my blog.