David in Singapore

David calling on all sg fans to jiao yu hehehehehehehhehe, another Tom promo pix. He looked vry sporty in his fav brand jacket. I think he must have at least 10 adidas jackets, so why keep wearing the same white jacket the past few days? Really hope he put away that white jacket when he is here. Its a nice jacket but I need to see him in sumthing else but not pink plse.
Anyway found out that Shaolin Monastery is in Songshan Mountain, but sadly now so commercialised losing its serene sense of sanctuary for the monks. If David have the time to visit, will he stop & ponder if the same might happen to his music? Please keep a true heart, David, I believe you can but its easy to get distracted.
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A few more hours & David will be here, are u ready sg fans? At least I get sum hours of breathing the same air, this island being so small. Really sad to miss the songwriting thingy @ Hard Rock Cafe, no mention on their site but would have gone there just to be in the same place & maybe get a glimpse of him heehee.
The mv dvd not released here yet but saw the china version of the cd in a box. It looks nice, maybe will get it along with the dvd when released. Supposed to contain personal pics taken by David. Btw not a new release of The Great Leap. Only dvd & no cd included. Its not 'EMI tactic' to sell more cds ok.
Really hope u guys who r going to the airport get opportunity to get good view of him or maybe talk to him. Lynn, hope u managed to pass my gift to him, if not its okay. Really hope the showcase is as successful as the ones in Malaysia, & sumbody plse take a pix of him sticking out his tongue kekekekekekkekekekekeke
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vic said...

hey zhao, how've you been? I'm well in Australia. =O) Once again, I miss Dave's promo in Singapore. The last time he went to Sing in Sep/ Oct 03, I was in Australia too....sob! I hope the next time he's in Sing, I get the chance to see him (not his concert, but closer, face-to-face)! =O)
Take care, gal! =O)

Zhao said...

Hi hi skybebe, so happy to see yr msg. Yeah I was outta town both times too. But one day we get to see him face to face I am sure. You take care too ok!