More China promo

Remembered sumone wanted the 1st Close to you mv, its in my briefcase now if u still wants it, better late than never heehee. My fav mv where u get David @ his most adorable doing pushups, putting on tie, driving, being jealous & of cos falling in luv. Not vry clear transfer unfortunately but still watchable, in the Tian folder.
David was still in China, Francesca, yesterday for more promo events. 1 news article accused him of being 'big name' for being late & ignoring his fans, but I think if u r David fan u know he will nvr behave like that. Anyway davidcn members who were @ the scene as usual refuted all that the reporter has written.
Thk u bloodbubble for alerting that The Great Leap dvd is on Yesasia at last & release date is now 4/29. There r 10 mvs - Ghost, Who do you love, Susan Said, Love Can, Catherine, The Art of War, What is love, Sula & Lampa, Fated & 2night. So looking forward to it.
Found the pinyin & english translation to Wind and Sand and The Last Dance which David wrote for Tony Leung. Really hope he will include these 2 songs if he does record the album of songs written for others. Hope he will be writing songs for others this yr, think he is supposed to be helping William So with his new album, & he was mentioned abt helping Jaycee Chan's new album. Do u know that Leehom nvr wrote for male singers only female, but not intentional for sure. Now he wrote songs for Jolin's new album.
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Lovely pix taken by davidcn member @ yesterday event - he looked so wonderful dun u think?
Caught the last bit of chinese serial called Legend of Ching Ke & the ending song was really nice. Found it was written & sang by Anson Hu, the song reminded of Wind & Sand not similar but both songs so evocative of ancient China & the honorable men who wrote on horseback fighting either for love of their country or their loved ones. Both songs dun used a lot of chinese instruments but the sound is unmistakably the sound of China. So DT fans, even if David do opt out of the music scene to take on movies as he intended, there will still be talented Anson Hu to make sure that good Chinese music will always survive.

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