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Like to share this weird thing sumone told me. Buddhist who r staunch believers in not killing any living things do not eat garlic cos they think it will kill germs in their bodies. Believe me I am pretty stolid but was totally stunned by that. Oso sumone gave me supposedly David's email which is gmail.com, how that person got it I dun know cos I didn't ask nor do I want to try & see if its real. But if its real, hope David changes it soon as quite a few ppl got it by now. But plse dun ask me for it ok.
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Posting Lynn's design for her t-shirts again so if u interested plse email her as she in the process of making them. As for David's trip to Sin, no news yet as to how to get tickets or whether u need tickets. Or if there is autograph session. We r treated as mushrooms (ie kept in the dark) by the organisers of his trip so just have to be patient I guess. Oso 28 is the date of his arrival in Sin not the promo @ Expo.
Found this quite hilarious pretend interview with David & sry if u r offended by it, but must realised that once David insisted on compromising for the sake of commercialism, such criticism r inevitable esp the last line We liked you better when you were fat and sang earnest Mandarin R & B. I still love him a lot but sooner or later he will lose the few fans like me who preferred him when he didn't compromised. But I will always support him & wish him the very best.
Anyway for making me listen to that inane story abt Buddhism & garlic, I got her to help me translate Susan Said heehee.

Susan Said
Yeah Su San said Susan
On the moonstruck stage of destiny ahead
Before boarding, spring is turning to falling leaves
All of sudden, the connection has ended
From Taipei, Nanjing is so far away
Oh that promise, will it still be fulfilled?
Yeah, not caring if love is painful or unbearable
Each person in their own world
Oh are you like me, restless for a few times
Love is a wrong feeling
Oh yeah Su San said
Longing, so often it is only longing but not meeting
She has doubts about Sam and his imagined face
But the love is still being enacted
So who is playing old fashioned records?
That film is like leaving a message for the future
Yeah, not caring if love is painful or unbearable
Each person in their own world
Oh are you like me, restless for a few times
Will love ever be realised?
(opera singing)
'Su San left Hong Tong Jian
Arriving at the highway
Not speaking but already saddened
Travellers passing, listen to me speak'
'Su San left Hong Tong Jian
Wearing a sign at the highway
Surrounded by fierce guards
Stop, wait awhile
Travellers passing, listen to me speak
Who is going to Nanjing
Please pass this message to San Lang
Tell him Su San has lost her life
In my next life as a dog or a horse
I will repay this favor'
Come on
Yeah, not caring if love is painful or unbearable
Each person in their own world
Oh I suspect you are like me, restless for a few times
Will love ever be unchanging
Oh Su San said, my Su San said, Su San said, my Su San said
Su San Said, my Su San said, Su San siad, mu Su San said
Music by David Tao, lyrics by Franics Lee, sang by David Tao in The Great Leap 2005


zoe said...

wow~ the lyrics so nice~ <3 u speak likes u want David to be 30 forever & ever~ I wish him to be more like Eric Clapton or Bruce Springteen~ maybe Phill Collins also a great example for an artist/composer :) I wanna see his mature side & wild side at the same time :P how ridiculous am I~!?

umm I'm a veggie~ [half vegg since I still drink milk & eat eggs] & I agree that garlic doesnot do good for a veggie person since we don't have fat from meat.. garlic kills those fat so if we eat garlic then we will lose our limited fat.. well once I turn into a vegg, I sure know how stinky garlic made me feel .. the smell too strong for us plus not good to our health..

there also some other strong smell veg that shouldn't be eat ^^;

Zhao said...

Oh no Zoe, certainly dun want him to be 30 forever but his own age - 36 & he can be like Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins but he has to want to be like them first rite? I dun eat a lot of meat myself or garlic, but smell is ok. Nvr knew there was so much garlic & vegetarian heehee

Anonymous said...

mwahaha Zhaodi, I like the 'pretended interview' a lot. Many thanks for Susan's translation and link to pinyin text. You're one super helpful fan.

beach gurl

Zhao said...

thk beach gurl, glad u enjoy them!