David naturally

Really like this pix, so natural, prespiration on his brow, no makeup, his hair fluffy not stiff, & he looked happy & relaxed but a bit vulnerable. Like a normal guy not a superstar. Taken during media interview in Taiwan where he talked abt many personal stuff. More nice pixs here, noticed Tom seemed to enjoy taking pixs of him lately & lotsa vry nice ones, sumbody there a fan maybe heehee.
Anyway he talked abt Leehom's album not included in top chinese albums in 2004 cos it was too 'heavy' (Shangri-La heavy?), David said Black Tangerine was even 'heavier' & that he was proud to have Leehom as his friend.
Dear Leehom, I have been neglecting you but its hard to have more than one idol & I do think Shangri-La is one of your best albums. Leehom's song will be included in Kenny G's album for Asia release.
Then rumor that he will get married end of the year but he laughed & said he is too busy wih his concerts & new album(so soon???????) to get married. But apparently he is looking at houses in Shanghai close to his parents & it was said that it will be where he lived when he is married. But David said where my cars are, that's where I will be. He has bought another car, vintage 1966, & eager to get back to LA to try it out. David says he can have many houses & cars but only 1 wife. Will it be rumored gf Joanna but David only took out his lipbalm & said he is not going to answer this question. But I hope he will get married soon, I am looking forward to a fat married contented David with kids & making the best music or movies in the world hehehehehehhehe. Whether its Joanna or not, I dun care just some female or even male, hey I am extremely liberal heehee.
Then sum talk abt the person he is looking on his website for his mainland concerts scheduled for August. Btw the ad now has english translation but still do have to know sum chinese & sing it well. Oso he definitely will not be attending GMA next mth as he will back in LA for sum work & so dun really care whether Great Leap will be nominated or win any awards. His website now has his cm for Worldvision.
Short sg article here with his Sin flight info:
Catch David's leap to Singapore
April 10, 2005
DAVID Tao is making that little leap from Taiwan to Singapore three weeks from now to promote his new album, The Great Leap.
To get up close and personal with the Taiwanese R&B musician at an exclusive one-hour showcase, get a copy of his album, which comes with an entry pass.
Otherwise, visit SingTel's website at www.ideas.singtel.com, download exclusive David Tao ringtones and wallpapers and stand a chance to win an entry pass.
Or, you could go to Hello! stores and buy any Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
David's showcase is at the Singapore Expo Hall 1 at 7pm on 30 Apr.
If you'd like to welcome him or see him off at the airport, he is due to arrive on 28 Apr at 11.35am via SQ 29 and depart on 1 May at 8.35am via SQ 872.


~short stuff~ said...

Joanna? the violinist in his Soul Power tour?

~short stuff~ said...
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nien said...

yeah! leehom! that guy is chinked out. david has soul power. and jay is diao. hahaha, we need one more to remake the 4 kings.

Zhao said...

No Jinx not Joanna the volinist, will post a pix for u ok. Dun think anyone can replace the Four Heavenly Kings, nien ;)

siew mai said...

a fat happily married david? no... no... no.... i hope he'll be happily married but not grow fat lah.... hurhur (:

Anonymous said...

yup i don't want him to be like ex-singer,panda xiong tian ping who is now married but shockingly his weight is now 100kg.I don't want david to be that fat.

Zhao said...

kekekekekekekekekeke alrite then siew mai & anonymous, a happily married but not fat David sounds ok to me too.

zoe said...

if he's fat & lookin' adorable like Sammo Huang than I'm not complaining~!!! XD
/me big Sammo fan~!

~short stuff~ said...

LOL... ok. THx Zhaodi! saw the post dee..

as long as he is not SUPER fat, its ok. If you look at this Small Town GIrl MV and any of his latest MVs, you'l c that he's like half his previous size now! Hope he is not bulimic leh!! :S