Pioneer in music

All pixs credit & courtesy www.davidfans.com, another vry nice chinese fansite, if u know chinese, worth to have a look, have included in links. Not sure which chinese city this is but David has been busy this past few days visiting Beijing, Fuzhou & other chinese cities in mainland China.
Actually quite confusing as he kept wearing this white jacket, floral shirt & jeans so he looked like he was in the same place all the time. Must wanna keep his luggage light heehee. But vry tiring for him but if u exclude Ultrasound which dun think he did vry much promo, then it would have been at least 2 yrs since Black Tangerine that he did this kinda extensive touring.
Oso good preparation for his concerts which, fingers crossed, start in Aug either in Beijing or Shanghai first. If I heard correctly he said 10 concerts then taking out Taiwan, HK, Singapore & Malaysia, it leave 6 concerts in China unless he planned to have a few more in Taiwan or HK. David promised a whole new concept different to Soul Power but still concentrating on music of cos. He oso said he dun planned to have guests altho I would think Tension will feature in at least a few. Then of cos there's the person he is looking for, wonder what role he or she will play?
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David is such a pioneer, the first artist (I think cos I dun know of any other) to feature his fan's work in his album & now the first to have one in his concert. He really blurred the line between idol & fans making it a reality for them to get close & work with him. With him music is sumthing that belong to everybody, that could be shared & enjoyed by everyone. Its clear oso he loved music, last yr he attended the musical abt Teresa Deng & this yr he went to Jacky Cheung's Snow Wolf Lake.
Reading fan encounters @ davidcn, these r the things they usually said:
- he is much better looking in person
- he is really tall
- his hands are big
- he is vry friendly
- he has no airs
Sum of my friends been to his HK concerts & they confirmed the first oso adding he is vry charismatic. He is 178cm which is averagely tall but oso he tend to stand vry straight. His hands dun look vry big but maybe he has a firm clasp when he shake hands. As for the last two, well sg fans can now find out for themselves this weekend. Hope he has a good rest before he fly in on Thursday :)


Siew Mai said...

Zhaodi darl, you really made moi very very excited about seeing him this Sat:

"- he is much better looking in person (!!!)
- he is really tall
- his hands are big
- he is vry friendly
- he has no airs"
*dreamy eyes* hurhur... (:

Siao siao de Siew Mai ;o)

Zhao said...

Hope u have a great time Sat, siew mai, plse come & tell us all abt it k