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This is a much nicer promo pix @ tom I think. Love the color brown on him, so natural, he wore the same jacket in Susan said mv & looked so suave. Glad he gave up wearing all the stuff around his neck & went back to his simple gold chain. Actually easy for David to look good, simplicity like his music.
The ilovemusic site has been updated with more info abt his promo schedule & looks like the mini concert is the only one, no autograph session mentioned. The event is free standing & doors open at 6pm. Below a cute writeup on his Sunway showcase, post it so sg fans know what to expect.

Loudmusik Goes East - David Tao
Venue: Sunway Lagoon
Date: Saturday 19th March 2005
By Elaine 'Canto-pop rocks' Chow
Edited By 'Gandalf'
David Tao Ze, the pioneer of Chinese R&B, was in Malaysia recently to promote his latest album, 'The Great Leap'. Loudmusik looks East and finds out more!
We were there an hour early, but already the crowd had filled up the parking lot. The gates to the Elephant Walk had yet to open, but David Tao's loyal fans were eagerly lined up outside the gates, proudly waving their tickets.
By 8pm, the crowd was finally set loose into the park. There was a mad dash to get as close to the stage as possible, which was difficult, because a thick crowd had already formed within the first thirty seconds. Fans also rushed for the David Tao CDs, posters, T-shirts and other merchandise on sale.
While fans were waiting, David Tao's latest music videos-really cool stuff-was played on two huge screens on either side of the stage, interrupted only by Hotlink advertisements - which the event but the way, had Hotlink branding screaming only at our faces. Come 8pm when the concert was supposed to commence, nothing happened. Are we surprised? Of course not!
Good thing we were treated to some light-hearted entertainment as by eight-thirty, 98.8 FM's DJ Samantha, who emceed the event, invited fans onstage to sing their favourite David Tao songs. The winner of this little singing competition was determined by applause volume, and was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sing with David Tao onstage later.
At nine p.m., David Tao himself finally stepped onstage. His first performance was 'Ai Wo Hai Shi Ta (Who Do You Love)', a touching ballad to which the fans screamed and sang along. Tao's voice was in good form all night long, and after singing only five songs, including 'Ai Hen Jian Dan (I Love You)', the autograph signing session started.
Fans brought their David Tao CDs onstage to be signed, and to tried to ask the dashing Tao as many questions as they could squeeze into the very short but valuable meeting. One fan, however, tried to get away with asking Tao to sign a pirated CD (unfortunately, he didn't pull it off, and instead he was pulled off-stage by security... yes, there was a pun intended). What kids would think of these days, we at Loudmusik were simply appalled by such behavior! Tsk! Tsk!
Keeping in mind that David Tao writes the songs himself, and 'The Great Leap' is his third album after two mind-blowing chart-toppers, 'Black Tangerine' and 'Ultrasound', his music is not only catchy and original, but it certainly shows why he's one of Asia's most popular up-and-coming talents.

Here Singnet contest to win tickets but sry deadline was yesterday. Anyway to clarify why The Great Leap not nominated for GMA, cos its 2005 release & only eligible for next yr. But David said that he is not interested in winning awards anymore. He just want to do good music. After all he has already won so many awards including the "prestigious Billboard's Most Outstanding Singer-Songwriter in Asia in 1998" as mentioned on the ilovemusic site. He dun need awards now for recognition when other singers like this new r&b singer eager to meet him.

Seemed the 'incomprehensible one' finally released a date in July for his China concert, hopefully he stick to it this time & leave David in peace to schedule his in Aug. Friend has the idea that he should do as Gwen Stefani with her 4 Japanese girls, have 4 African American bodyguards following him around all the time. This will raised his 'diaoness' to such a level that China will return to feudal state & declare him emperor kekekekekekekekeke. On a more serious note, Initial D seemed to have been delayed due to anti-Japanese sentiment which is sad as lotsa ppl waiting to see it.

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