It's not about David this time

Plse dun think I am blaming David, its not his fault of cos, just that my expectations r always vry high. I didn't say commercialism is bad, but it is not good either. Its just extreme capitalism & anything to the max is nvr ideal cos now most of our dreams are fueled by commercialism. You want that dream house, the dream car, the cool leather jacket, the must have Manolo Blahnicks. Are you any happier, smarter, better, wiser, kinder if you have all these things? Maybe so, but if you are, its probably cos of commericalism.
I nvr wanted David not to be 'commericalised' cos in a way it helps to bring his music to more ppl. But I can have a opinion on it can't I? He even wrote a vry angry post abt it voicing his opinions & his views. Well, here's mine. What is so wrong abt wanting someone in the entertainment world who truly & honestly believe in the power of music? It doesn't always have to be 'commercialised', it doesn't always have to be abt image, it doesn't always have to be abt music videos. But yes, going the commercial way will definitely make you more money, more famous and more fans so you can buy even more cars. But will it make your music any better, more insightful, more powerful, more inspirational, more meaningful? I don't think so. Anyway what's the point? As I said maybe its just me, maybe I just outgrown David & maybe my next idol will be Lou Dayou heehee.
David in Shanghai:

And here gorgeous fanart by the one & only Lynn:
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Oso looked like David will not be attending any of the NKF Charity shows.


nien said...

heh, you've got a point there. i don't think the great leap forward is as good as his self titled album.

but its inevitable once they sign on right? they become a business investment and companies have to hedge risks by homogenizing their talent according to what the trends are demanding. its too bad it's hard to find underground chinese artists.

zoe said...

judged from his background, I 'd say it's ought to be that way~ ^^; he ought to likes more comfortable things or luxurious things.. it's his nature as far I could tell~

it's odd since u want him to look good, more handsome, pick up the right clothes & have good taste about picking girlfriend & who he should work with etc etc.. that's subject of materialism as well~

he kept saying about becoming a director~ maybe his passion with music r somewhat fading...? gift from god or not, there's a limitations to ones ability~ so I hope u won't put up standard for an artist~ there's a certain line that can't be cross too u know~

I can't think of what I'd do if u stop posting on this blog >3< u gave me so much insight into Dave's world that I become addictive to his music...but yeah I'd understand too if u grown out of him ^^; [like i outgrown many artists before~]

Zhao said...

thank u so much zoe & nien for yr insightful views, so nice to have diff point of views esp you zoe, always made me reverse my views, but I agree with of cos, as I said its all to do with me not David, so dun worry I will continue to update this blog as long as I can. I still love David but maybe need to see him from another angle.