Not pretty in pink

Well I am not bored & tired of waiting for David cos he is only a small part of my life, I love him to bits but I hesitate to take precious time travelling all the way to Sunway just to see him & glad I didn't judging by review of Kuching showcase on this blog, a bit cruel but funny as hell & nice pixs heehee. Kinda agreed & disagreed wif what he said, I mean David could have packed a guitar & sang acoustic rather than a backing track, but still its only a promo tour sponsored by Hotlink not a real DT concert.
Oso wearing that lame tee again, man what is it abt pink that he like so much? Dun kid yourself, only babies look good in pink. Could so ripped that shirt off not cos I wanna see his body, the silly thing hurts my eyes >"<. Sry David but you committed the worst sartorial sin in my books. Sumtimes its hard to be yr fan hahaha. Oh dear, guess its hard to be an idol 2, everybody so critical of you & wanting to take yr pix all the time, & complaining when you refused to sign posters or old albums. But still fans in Malaysia had a great time & were vry excitable & adorable abt seeing David in person. Sure this trip was a great success.
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Updated my Webshots with Lisa scans as well another mag courtesy davidcn. Oso found more clips of David on TVB, here r the direct links
Album launch in HK
Ghost party in Hk
Singing with Leo Ku
Btw Zoe, so glad u like M.I.A., she's a real talent & no hype, she didn't even planned to be a singer just like David, guess its their destiny.


nien said...

hey, i remember that you were talking about how david tao was complaining about how the hong kong music industry was all messed up. there's this movie called "Beijing Rocks" with Daniel Wu and Shu Qi that's all about indie rock music in beijing and it also has a thinly veil criticism of the hong kong music industry as well.

Zhao said...

Hi nien, thanx for you recommendation, heard of that movie b4, will try to watch it.