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This is the healthiest I seen him - tanned & rosy cheeks. Must be enjoying the Malaysian sunshine or maybe not so much pressure since The Great Leap is doing well. Can't be easy for David releasing the album that he wanted to do rather than the album that is expected of him after the critical success of Black Tangerine, & then there is the banning of Ghost in China. Now he can at least pat himself on the back for not letting music & his fans down. Here he received gold plaque for the success of The Great Leap in Malaysia.
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More gorgeous pixs @ the interactive interview in myfm here here For those not lucky enough to be in Malaysia to watch David, short clip @ tvb where can watch David play the guitar & sing harmony with Leo Ku, so nice, click No 6 under 18/03/2005. Link courtesy taozeehk.
Oso lotsa links too @ davidtao.com forum for press interviews in malaysian papers. He answered questions abt his criticism of the chinese music industry & said criticism is not necessarily bad. He again chided the industry for coverup of bad sales & not paying attention to the music. He is happy that Malaysia & Singapore both have good singer/composers like Penny Dai & JJ Lin. He said the comparision of Jay, Lee Hom & him should be a thing of the past as they are so different & the industry must be able to accommodate all of them as well as other artists.
He said that chinese music should be more like the States & be able to have popular singers who are not idols, but older, more serious & can express their thoughts in their songs. He also felt that Tension will find it even harder to survive as they are not an idol band. Anyway there are lotsa more on him wanting to be director & not getting married. Also vry trivial story abt the Twins wanting to meet him again as in their last meeting when performing in Canada, David invited them for beer with his friends but was rejected cos the Twins dun drink. They oso said he is vry talkative & joked alot. Guess I am not the only who just loved to listen to him talk & talk & talk, while with others on tv who talked alot I just get bored, David is different, I can't get enough of him talking heehee. Short article below on his promo tour.
Taiwanese R&B star all set to entertain fans
PETALING JAYA: David Tao, the Taiwanese R&B singing, producing and song-writing sensation, is here to give his Malaysian fans a treat.
During a press conference at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel here on Tuesday for the launch of his new and highly anticipated Mandarin album entitled The Great Leap, Tao appeared eager to meet his fans.
In conjunction with his album launch, Tao performed in Kuching's MBKS Indoor Stadium yesterday.
TAO: I am very excited about visiting different places in Malaysia.
He will be performing in Upper Penang Road (today) and in Sunway Beach here tomorrow. All performances will begin at 8pm.
"I am truly grateful to my fans for being so patient in waiting for my new album," said Tao. "I am very excited about visiting different places in Malaysia and am especially looking forward to eating some good food in Penang."
Within the first week of its launch, The Great Leap sold more than 10,000 copies and the sales are expected to climb rapidly.
It features great tracks like Ghost, Susan Said and What's Love?
All Hotlink Club members are entitled to redeem six Hotlink Zone Showcase tickets when they buy a RM30 top-up ticket and purchase Tao's latest CD.

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