I feel so betrayed

He talked so defensively about commercialism like a politican trying to sway people's hearts & minds. What's so good about commericalism? What's so good about spending so much money & time to make a jellybean taste like peanut butter when children are dying because the West won't give them the medicine they need?
Have you heard of Ha Jin? He just won the PEN/Faulkner award for the second time but he is definitely not 'commerical'. Is that bad?

This is the face of Ha Jin, no cosmetics, no rebonded hair, no eye surgery. He lives the simple life you so often claimed for yourself, and put all his sincerity in his prose. I love his writing like I love your music. But his name will surely live longer than yours. People may not know him now but he will forever be considered as one of the most important and influential Chinese writers even though or perhaps because he writes only in English.
I used to think you are the Ha Jin of the Chinese music world but I don't anymore. I cannot feel your sincerity anymore. I don't know why. Did you change or did I? I don't know. You mentioned dancing in your concert if the song asks for it, and I feel so betrayed. You know very well that dancing has no place in a real music concert, or maybe you don't anymore. Where has the Soul Power's David gone? I don't know, maybe it is just me. After all you still have your legion of fans. All I know is I just don't feel your sincerity anymore.


zoe said...

Oh dear~ what happen? what did David say that makes u feel that way? :o that's pretty harsh~ I hope u don't give up on him entirely..

well..what so bad about dancing to a song in a concert? I'm certainly don't think art could live without 'commercialism'.. if it doesn't speak to the ppl wants & needs then how could it survive? eventho commercialise kill art in a way.. but I still don't see what so wrong about it... as long as he doesn't go to the extream & try to please everybody with sugar-coated words then I don't think he's at faults about goin' commercial... he's in the entertainment business~ not literature!! he needs to keep his appearance & do his job as well..

see Madonna~ she's an artist too & she can wrote & sing & dance.. I don't see her being not 'true' to herself..

just my 2 cents there~ sorry if I'm getting too excited & jump to conclusion~

Anonymous said...

hey Zhaodi, relax... don't get so work up and sad... it's bad for health... Sincerity is pretty subjective i guess... the receiver may not have the same standards of definition as the giver... so... aiya i also dont know what i'm saying... just take care ok? smile smile smile!