Martial Girl and Master tao

Hey look guys, no PINK A&F TEE!!!!!!!! heehee sry that pix was asking such a caption rite? David went to Ming Chuan University in Taiwan for mini concert & autograph session. Penny Dai was the other guest & David went on stage to present her a bouquet of flowers making Penny vry happy.

They look wonderful together, my dearest wish is they fall in love of cos. Penny is perfect - beautiful, talented, sexy, intelligent, independent & a true artist. Just the right combination for David. EMI called the concert Heavenly Queen & King Show but Penny objected cos she felt she's not a Heavenly Queen more a Martial Girl. Isn't she adorable? Hopefully Cupid is around when they meet again. More pixs of David & Penny here

Anyway there r confusing & conflicting news abt the NKF charity show & whether David is attending & which show he is attending. So think its best to wait for official confirmation. Could be they invited him & he has yet to accept. He prolly dun even know they invited him seeing as he is so busy & all cos I read @ davidcn that he is going to a few Chinese cities for promos this coming week. EMI is more interested in his mainland China promos if they want to reach their sales target of a million copies. Oso dun forget Sprite cm launch next mth in China so David will have to be there too. So hopefully they can let him come seeing as its for charity.
Oso dun hurt to post lots @ DT forum that fans in Singapore longing to see him cos I do believe David visit the forum everyday, I mean if u haf a website u visit it everyday rite? Maybe he won't read the msgs but he will see the title if in english & scream "DAVID WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN SINGAPORE" get what I mean heehee. Saw a short clip of him @ the uni & he looked absolutely gorgeous & yummy. But he had a haircut *sob* & its all layered now, hopefully it will grow back long when & if he come here. Below mag is Malaysian I believe, TVtimes, but the coverboy vry cute dun u think? <3<3<3


zoe said...

OMG~ I luff Penny also~!!! she ROCKS~!!!!! So is David~!!! XD XD

Zhao said...

yes, zoe, she does, hahahaha!!!!