In the name of charity

So it seemed David will be coming to Singapore after all to participate in the annual NKF Charity Show on April 17. The website is not quite ready & not sure if can watch online. Nvr having watch this kinda show I have heard that performers are supposed to do some trick in order to get people to call in & donate. It seemed last yr one local singer had darts thrown on her naked back *ouch* sounded painful. Hopefully David dun haf to endure this kinda pain even in the name of charity. Personally I would like to see him rip the pink A&F tee to pieces with his bare hands. Wonder who @ NKF I can suggest the idea to heehee. Oso it seemed if u donate during his segment with yr mobile/cell/handphone, u get thank you sms from David - so nice.
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Davidcn haf really great bt of David attending sum program during his promo tour in China, not sure which city. It was an hr long & he sang Love Can, Moon over my heart, Susan Said, Rain & Who do you love? He oso harmonised a little Song for Anita wif a female fan who won many singing contests with his songs. 4 little girls & 4 matronly ladies oso went on stage to perform for him which was quite hilarious. They oso showed footage of the filming of Who do you love mv & Qu Ying who played Red Rose appeared for sum comments. She said David was vry natural & that he is suitable to be a lover first then husband. David said that even though she is vry tall & striking, Qu Ying is actually vry sweet like a little girl. Qu Ying oso said she is releasing her first album soon & reminded David he promised to write her a song. David said a promise is a promise & he will honored it even if it takes 10 yrs (remind me my own promise seemed to be taking 10 yrs to fulfil *sly smile*).
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All pixs courtesy & thanks to davidcn.com - the best & only chinese DT fanclub in China.

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