Did a search on Cui Jian & found out he is actually quite well known. There are several articles written abt him by western writers and he has toured extensively in the US & Europe, has opened for both Deep Purple & Rolling Stones in China. There are also many eng translation for his song 'Nothing to my name' as it became the anthem for the student protesters in Tiananmen Square. He was expelled from the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra for dallying with rock & roll. Anyway if u wanna know more abt him, just do a search on his name as this blog is not abt him so dun wanna write too much, but he is certainly worth reading abt.
The fact that he seemed more appreciated by non chinese despite writing & singing in chinese showed why David said he is discouraged by the state of modern chinese music. That such a talented, important chinese musican should be a stranger to the chinese people all over the world. One writer even said he is 'Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain all rolled into one' & yet these 3 foreign singers are more familiar to most chinese than Cui Jian, what a tragedy. As usual, reading & writing abt David made me know more & more abt Chinese music & musicians.
Sumtimes his fans r a bit upset that he is so vocal abt things that affect him like the decline of modern chinese music & the media being too gossipy, but if he dun speak out abt it, who else has the guts? David is David is David, and he will try to rock the world a little so some ppl like me for instance stop & think & find out abt what he is saying. He may not always be 100% correct but I love that he make me stop & think. No other celebrity can do that for me. I hope there are others like me out there who because of David become more aware of their surroundings, and not just lived in their little insular world.
But David is eye candy too hehehehehehehe so with much thanks & credit to davidcn, haf upload Men Uno scans into my Webshots for the benefit of those for dun noe chinese & unable to join davidcn. Sum things r too just good not to be share.

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