David made success of twins

A late article on David's Penang showcase where at last he wore diff tee & like it much better. Wonder why he dun wear it during Sunway, since its more glamorous wif glitter.
Taiwanese R&B star wows fans
NORTHERN region fans of Taiwanese R&B king David Tao had a treat when he made an appearance at Upper Penang Road (UPR) to promote his latest album The Great Leap 2005.
Fans started coming in as early as 4pm on Friday to get a vantage view of the star although Tao was only scheduled to make his appearance later in the night.
By 8pm, the crowd had spilled over to Farquhar Street where a giant screen had been set up for fans standing too far away from the main stage.
The emcee for the event went on stage at 8.15pm to pacify the surging crowd with a game session. Five lucky fans were invited on stage to sing songs from Tao's latest album and they each walked away with a goodie bag containing the album, a poster and a T-shirt.
Tao finally appeared at 8.50pm, and appeased his fans with his hit Ai Wo Hai Shi Ai Ta (Who Do You Love?) before continuing with Susan Shuo (Susan Said).
He also impressed the largely Penangite Hokkien crowd with a Hokkien number titled Wang Chun Feng (Look on the Wind of Spring) from an earlier album.
The night ended with Tao signing autographs.
Tao is on a whirlwind tour of Malaysia, which has taken him from Kuching, Sarawak, to Penang. His next stop is Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The tour is organised by Galaxy Production and presented by Hotlink.
Tao, 36, left Taiwan for the United States after completing junior high in Taiwan. He studied psychology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), with a minor in film. While working in a record store, he met a Taiwanese producer who hired him to compose songs. He released his debut album, Taoism, in 1997 under Shock Records in Taiwan.
He soon earned the tag, 'Taiwan's R&B King' and subsequent artistes like Jay Chou who attempted R&B have been compared with him.
His other albums are Tao Zhe (1997), I'm OK (1999), Black Tangerine (2002) and Ultrasound (1997-2003).

David had oso made appearance in another northern region - Vancouver for SUCCESS (United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society) in 2003. The fund raising gala was 'the largest Chinese Concert held in North America, with a cast that epitomizes the best in the Asian entertainment circle'. Had a pix of him with Miriam Yeung @ the concert once but seemed to be lost *sad*. This was where Twins met him first & for them to still remember the encounter meant he made quite an impression, but then this is David always charming & wowing young impressionable girls heheheheheheheh. Always wanted to post pix of the adorable twosome.........


nien said...

okay, definitely the one on the left. she's the cuter twin.

Zhao said...

Hi hi nien, left is Charlene & yes she is cuter, Gillian is said to be prettier, but both of them r vry lovable.