Catch David if you can

He does look elegant in a suit & tie. U know, could haf been in Sunway this weekend but got cancelled. Oh well, sum other time I guess, oso imma one of those fans who r more active online heehee, sum fans r quiet online but physically they will make the effort. David should be in this part of the world by now so alredi updated March activities @ blog forum with all of David's events in Malaysia. U will find links to listen online, visit website for info as well as pixs of buildings to help u get there. So there's no excuse not to go if you can. If u need further clarification, call Galaxy on 03-2282 2020. Seriously u need to make an effort as u may not haf the chance to see him again if he really exit from the music scene in a few yrs time.
His trip seemed to be vry roundabout going first to KL then travelling northeast to Kuching then coming back down to Penang & finally Selangor but maybe he will get to see sum rare parts of Malaysia. So glad he is going to Kuching as its sumwhere I really love to go & explore. Kuching is cat in Malay in case u didn't know. I used to picture it full of lovely fat cats kekekekekekekeke.
Hopefully sum kind soul will post their encounter @ blog forum as there r so few english accounts of David encounters but heaps of chinese ones over @ davidcn.com

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