Blowing in the Chinese wind

David doing one of his stunts for his Sprite cm which he flew to Thailand to film (zoe! zoe!). The Korean director praised him & encouraged him to go into movies. The cm song is What's Love & David changed some of the words like he did with Rain last yr. I really really really wanna see this cm, so excited, thk god its not like those over the top soda cms where there r so many stars. Here David is the one and only star cos he is the best.

David is quoted again as wanting to retire from music & go into movies, & sum wondered why as he is not exactly fading away in popularity. In this interview he said that he is getting more & more disappointed in modern chinese music & felt that its not improving at all. Its more & more abt the packaging and not the songs. He felt music is now like a business just for earning money & becoming famous.
David also felt calling the current trend of using chinese instruments in pop music 'blowing the chinese wind' is a joke. He said, "Chinese people should be chinese, so what sort of chinese wind are we blowing?" David said listening to Cui Jian when he was 15, he was surprised that his songs sounded chinese without using any chinese instruments. He said chinese people dun always have to wear cheongsum to appear chinese.
I dun know who is Cui Jian but here's a pix of him with Wu Bai. But David oso said he will definitely come out with a few more albums before retiring to do movies. Other news is David's father has come out with a book. I will post more abt it maybe tomorrow as too tired to find out more.


Anonymous said...

cui jian is supposed to be the bruce springsteen of chinese rock. he was cool way before wu bai, but not cool anymore. he had a concert in seattle last year i think. but none of us knew who he was.

Zhao said...

wow thk anonymous, but now u know all abt him so his concert must be really good.

zoe said...

whoa~ really!!!!! OMG I hope he enjoy himself here~<3 <3 XD
did he get to the Tsunami disaster places?

the entertainment news not gonna pick him here coz he's unknown here~ unlike Jay & Leehom.. how sad >__< [really wanna see him on Thai TV]

now I think I like 'Sprite Ice'~ XD

& yeah, I agree with him about being Chinese & all.. coz I don't think not wearing Thai traditional dress will make us less Thai..but what can I say.. I'm more into Chinese culture than Thai eventho I don't speak a single Chinese word XD

Zhao said...

hi zoe, always good to learn abt another culture anyway, btw David did said that he like some of Thai pop music as its less 'packaged'. Rmbr when I was in BK last yr, they did show hr long David interview @ 1 of the chinese channels.

zoe said...

really~ but I kinda lose hope in Thai music for so long.. mostly well known singers r so damn packaging & stuff [only a couple of hit track & off they go]
glad he like thai songs~ wonder if he like something similar to mine :P