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David post his 10th msg on davidtao.com from room 1901 in HK (David channelling WKW kekekekekekeke) regarding his recent visit to Hua Lien on behalf of World Vision. A vry good post & hope more like this & less angst, David, cos I think u can type until yr fingers drop off & talk until u lose yr voice & there still be no change in chinese music or attitudes of the four or it is three (they keep trying to merge) record companies.
Just do what u haf to do, complete yr next series of 3 albums then get out & do yr movies cos I believe u will do exactly what u say u want to do. U r not saying it to create news or trying to get sympathy votes or whatever. I am just happy & so relieved dat u dun haf to totally rely on yr music for a living. U haf taught & given me so much in the over 2 yrs when I started listening to yr songs, that I will nvr doubt what u say u want to do. 5 yrs not a vry short or long period so I will cherish u till the day u depart to make a brand new start.
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I start thinking abt copy control & I know lotsa ppl upset abt it cos cannot copy into portables. But like David said, 'music is somebody's property' & a lot of hard work & creativity goes into the making of an album. So now I truly believe that an album should be heard in its entirety the way the artist who has recorded it intended. Of course I am talking about albums that are serious abt the music not sum album made purely for ear candy.
Like for instance you will not ripped a book chapter by chapter so u can read it on the way to work or jogging or in the gym, but u may get a magazine to read instead.
All of David's album are complete works of art from beginning to end, each song arranged in the sequence he felt most suitable. Love the way he ended each album with such appropriate tracks - Answering machine in Taoism, Amen in I'm OK, Lullaby in Black Tangerine & Sweet hour of prayer in The Great Leap. Of cos most ppl still prefer to have playlists on their portables but it will nice if ppl can learn to appreciate & respect an album the way it was designed to be played from start to finish.
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