My idol my God

Hey hey bloggie friends, I am sooooooooooooooooo excited cos I just found this totally amazing crazy page!!!!!! Just scroll down to Episode 09-Total, Utter, Complete, World, Domination and see Geraldine Chung reveals what it is like to collaborate with world dominant Chinese pop music producer David Tao Is this cool or what? Click the pix & listen, the first bit abt Todd is quite funny when he talked abt MTV & then its Geraldine's account of David. Its really really really great & just confirmed what we already know - that David is so unreal, maybe he is indeed god to be able to appear in so many manifestations in this surreal ether world that is the internet like here, here and here
Anyway improve my mood little bit from my utter disappointment @ David wearing A&F, oso dun u think he is a bit erm advanced erm in erm age to be wearing slogan tees. Plse dun hit me, just my opinion k.


rebby said...

i guess as long as our peace ambassador is not wearing the A&F tees with hate messages that's pretty alright, unless he was publicly against A&F, which i didn't pay much attn to his speeches of late.

age is just a number and clothes are made for human, doesn't matter even if he wears a baby guess tee that is big enough to fit him, haha!

Zhao said...

hmmmmm like to see him wear baby guess {wicked grin} but I still think he looks better in plain tees and that gold chain. Bring back that gold chain, I love it, so DT.