David & Leo in HK

David was 1st guest @ Leo Ku's 1st HK concerts after 11 yrs in showbusiness. Leo looked really adorable, & David just gorgeous in white. They sang I love you together & later David sang Airport in 10.30. Leo called David the 'falsetto god' & David said he might be having another series of concerts in HK early next yr. More concert pixs here, promo pixs @ HK radio station, & more ghost party pixs. David always enjoyed going to HK & seemed to have more friends than in Taiwan. Feel glad he looked more happy as he was vry upset when he posted his 9th msg attacking the record companies for inflating sale figures & not being professional abt the music business. Painful for him but not much I can do except to keep supporting him. Not everybody is fooled by the lies u know, cos ppl always know record cos add extra '0' to the figures, sumtimes several '0s'. Why do ppl get upset when sumone insisted on telling the truth? If the chinese music industry is not doing well, why try to hide it?

For yrs I hardly ever listened to chinese music cos its not vry attractive, the songs not inspiring & the singing vry seldom up to standard. If not for David, I will still not listen to chinese music. Sry but cannot bear to hear the singing.
Once heard Stefanie Sun sang a Tori Amos song while waiting for David to perform & it was like bad ktv, she has a good voice but did she ever had training I wonder, or at least sing with real feeling. Tori Amos had classical training when she was young but was expelled for being non-conformist. Tori wrote & performed her own songs, & her music helped many women coped with rape being a victim herself. Will the chinese music industry ever come up such an inspiring, intelligent musician like Tori, apart from David of cos.
Oso Cui Jian & Wu Bai but they r the ones who will soon be struggling to find even a niche market as less & less ppl heard of them or want to buy their albums. So yeah I understand David's anger & frustration. Why are we chinese so incapable of sustaining a creditable music industry? Plse dun think we are against idol singers, but its get a bit sad when they are regarded as the best in the industry & nobody allowed to criticise them.


Anonymous said...

stefanie sun did have training. someone told me a story where her family put together enough money to send her to music school in austrailia i think, maybe it was somewhere else.

zoe said...

I think I like Stafanie Sun when she sing the song 'We will get there'[the Eng song I got of her anyway] :D maybe she just doesn't suit Tori Amos music range.. I kinda find it hard to adjust my ears with Tori voice myself ^^' but I do like Tracy Chapman's story tellin' lyrics~

Zhao said...

hello anonymous, thk for the info & agreed with zoe, maybe Stefanie not suited to Tori Amos songs as she has vry unique voice. I like Tracy Chapman too, wonderful singer & songwriter.