Last word on the A word

Okay managed to actually find a pic of David wearing Abercrombie hehehehehehe. OMG David you gone down a notch in my esteem. Just joking, besides this was in 2000 during release of I'm OK & way b4 the 'racist tees' fiasco. Anyway, look like opened a cans of worm with Abercrombie. Again I like to reiterate that I really dun care what sort of marketing strategy A&F used to sell their merchandise, but their racy advertising did cause a furore although they are not the only & won't be the last retailer using sex to sell. Its a free world & if they wanna use sex (even underaged sex) & exclusively Aryan models to sell their stuff, that's their problem as far as I am concerned. I mean its just clothes for christ sake.
But the 'racist tees' did hurt a lot of young chinese americans esp the intelligent ones, they just cannot believe in 2002 they r still subjected to crass humor & stereotypes in their own country of birth. So I feel its kinda important to raise this issue when I saw poor Lee Hom wearing the A word in his mv.
You see he used 'chink', a racist term to denigrate Chinese esp in US, to describe his music & I can understand why he did so, turning a negative term to a postive one. And I admire him for doing so cos vry few chinese celebrities dare to be so vocal abt such issue. Then he went & spoiled it all by wearing that shirt. It just made me suspect that he is only paying lip service to this issue cos if he is really serious abt it, he will not wear A&F. Its U2 all over again *sigh* but just my opinion only okie.
The same goes for David cos he sumtime dun follow through on what he said & well 'preached', and it made me sad but then we are all human & make mistakes all the time. And I promise that if I ever see him wear A&F again, I will instantly post a msg on DT forum on why he upbraid izzue for using symbols of 'racism' to sell when he is wearing the product of a retailer that did the same. So now let this be the end of the A word ok?


Anonymous said...

is it that combination of colors and design that references the nazi's? because in other cultures the swastika means something else.

Zhao said...

flag of hitler's 3rd reich, vry nazi, not just the swastika

'z1 said...

aside a&f. i must say, this is the nicest short hairstyle i've seen him in.

Zhao said...

yeah zeewan, he looked really cute, so adorable