Collecting David

This prolly the earliest pix of David & rumored gf Joanna taken last yr I think. Davidcn haf the latest here from Apple Daily. David looked so charming wif scarf & <3<3<3 the pix of him wif guitar on his back. Used to hate music students wif guitars on their backs, but David just looks sooooooo rite, guitar & David goes together naturally hehehehheheh. Anyway can read english tran @ DTFC english forum but usual stuff abt Joanna walking his dog, buying him food, driving him around & staying late @ his house. Actually see more of him & Joanna than Melody who was his real but ex gf. Dun think ever see a pix of them together. But whatever so long as they r happy, altho Joanna looked more matured hoho.
Chinese version of Studio Classroom's article on David & online chat during broadcast of lesson on David. The french & Italian version of China Radio International haf articles on David, now the Indonesian version haf Melody streaming online. This chinese article haf nothing but good things to say abt I'm Ok album. Acappella group in University of Michigan covering Spring Wind & Our Story. Acappella group in University of Wisconsin covering Tuberose, repeating note by note David's version. Can dl & listen, its not bad & oso demonstrate David's extreme skill in music arrangement. David's fame is slowly but surely increasing. I think he will be happy that so many diverse students who love accapella in 2 diff universities in the US haf listened & r playing his works. True testament to his talents & sincerity to do only good music.
David's father oso appeared on Azio to announce the commencement of his anime, Yappy Dog, in Taiwan. The first anime wholly produced in China & hopefully will be a huge success. Tao Dawei oso said that it was his dream to do totally chinese anime & dat David helped him to realise this dream. David oso wrote, sang & produced the theme song, Brilliant Alive, & appeared in the mv which oso featured characters from the Yappy Dog (including one which resembled his dad totally heehee).

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