Jackie & Jaycee

My Xmas David dun look too good heehee, oh well, do another one soon. Sum news is Jaycee Chan who won another newcomer award admire & most want to work with David. Dis the 2nd time he mentioned David so must really like him.
He's not the best looker but he does haf charm & seem a really nice guy. Another guy oso not the best looker but a god in term of singing, Jacky Cheung covered David's I Love You in his one day concert where he sang mostly other ppl songs. So amazing, gotta listen to the god of singer singing David's signature tune, not to be miss rite!
CD on preorder alredi *faint* so many cds to get now - David's, Lee Hom's & oso Andy Lau's Vision Tour vcd cos wanna see him singing wif the white lion (*_____*)
Need to update the list of singers singing David's songs now, keep growing hehehehehehe. It seemed that David might be in New year eve concert wif Elva Hsiao in Shanghai, will post if confirmed.

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