Yes, its here at last DT official website but its in chinese & traditional chinese which means cannot read *sob* cos my computer for sum weird reason kept rejecting the software but nvr mind, nlayhua haf agreed to help translate & hopefully eng version will be added. But there still heaps to enjoy including gorgeous pixs & I mean David looks simply gorgeous. Oso just keep passing yr mouse over the chinese characters till u get a pix of a typewriter - that's David's diary which is in ENGLISH!!! & think it will continue to be in english so can read David's inner thoughts.
Anyway haha guess its just needed sumthing to motivate me cos I manage to install the software by tweaking it a bit so now I can read & haf registered as a member. So should be able to help those who r chinese challenged to negotiate the site, alredi a small clip of David saying hi to enjoy so just keep clicking the chinese characters & u will see it. Manage to steal below pix *shhhhhhhhhhhh* haha, btw the site is flash which is ok I guess.


zoe said...

Oooomai~ ain't he HOT~!! XD he got big feet or maybe just long shoes~ lol luff his name logo~ :D

Zhao said...

Hi zoe, haf u visit site yet? Haha his feet r kinda longish or maybe the shoes. Dun he look gorgeous?