Happy Sunday :)

David, Gigi & Jordan, 2 HK singers he worked wif. I remembered watching Turn Right Turn Left last yr & it was ok. Oso either Gigi or Stefanie sang the theme song, dun remembered. But the book was beautiful, such nice illustrations. Anyway I managed to upload Happy Sunday clip with David wiping Selina's tears & those who want it, plse login @ blog. Its a fairly big file, abt 22mb.
Fei send me this article (thx Fei) regarding Asian pop making it in US. To be honest, dun think so at the moment altho I did remembered reading sumwhere that a US hiphop group is redoing sum Jpop. Oso either Jpop or Kpop will prolly made it first b4 Cpop. Or maybe even sum singer or group in Philippines or Thailand could made it big in US. Remember Tata Young & Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy. But Cpop haf a long way to go. Oso considering the US still haf culture shock when it comes to all thing eastern wif the latest being Nike ad featuring Lebron James banned in China. I wondered if it was Yao Ming, would they still ban it?

It does look a bit offensive, what was Nike thinking?
Anyway as far as David is concerned, dun think he is targeting the US now or in the future. I still want an english album or even an english gospel album, that would be marvellous.


zoe said...

Talk about Tata Young.. [very very OT - sorry] since I'm Thai.. What do u think about her? appearance & music XD I kinda thought she was trying too hard to be like Britney but u can't blame her for trying tho~ ^^;

Zhao said...

No need to be sry heehee luv to talk abt Tata. I think she is vry good, she can sing, she is pretty & charismatic. Yeah she need to find her own style otherwise just another Britney wannabe ;}