10 out of 10!

100% what I give to davidtao.com, cool interface, negotiable, fun, stylish, creative, informative, interactive & lots & lots of David. Just like everything David do, its simply the best. I absolutely luv the little soundbytes of his past hits, so creative. But u do need to login to access media & downloads like these really great wallpapers.

Actually quite easy, the usual form filling but in chinese. Anyway if anyone need help to register, can translate the form here to guide u, or post msg @ forum 4 admin to plse include english cos sum parts of the website in english so should oso be in the registration.

Thx pusanna *hugz* posting sum really cool pixs @ forum from Tom article His album release oso revised to Jan 21 2005 but no official date yet on website. Here oso promoting for pusanna's honey heehee, the one & only Mr Lee Hom = album alredi on preorder, release date 12/31, check out the cool cover <3<3<3

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