Longterm music career

Guess lotsa ppl esp those @ davidcn haf mixed feelings abt the official website. Took me by surprise 2 esp wif mention of membership. But things change, situation change & ppl change & maybe David felt its time to voice his thoughts & his feelings to his fans in proper environment like an official website rather an unofficial fansite. Sure he dun mean to intentionally hurt the feelings of those who worked long & hard to make davidcn such success. Oso while all r David fans @ davidcn, not all David fans for various reasons r members of davidcn. So it may be for these reasons dat he decided to launch his own website.
Oso really great sign cos it meant that he is serious abt his longterm career in chinese entertainment. Always I haf the feeling that David will one day just give up & stay permanently in US to do his other stuff (well whatever he is doing when not music). & if dis website is anything like the davidtaomuisc site, then there will be heaps of media to enjoy. Oso membership mean forum & a place 4 him to leave lotsa msgs heehee. So its all good. Davidcn will be the fans' fansite & will always be source 4 all things David, that will nvr change. So plse dun make David feel bad abt launching a website, sure he haf sum plans dat will be revealed.
As for my blog will keep going but revert back to more blog & less fansite. Hopefully now dat David keen on making waves in chinese entertainment again, there will be more to blog. Will keep the forum cos of the profiles & if ppl wanna chat a bit or post sum questions. I really feel dat David will make another impact on chinese music in more low key manner, but it will be lasting & cement his name as one of the most influential Chinese musicians of all time.


zoe said...

I guess it's kinda nice that he'll have an official website >v< esp. for foreigners like me who don't understand much about Mandarin & hope to read more sweet word from him <3

aRGhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ u post 'Lain' pic XD XD mah fav anime~!!!! I luv Lain too!! <3 <3

Zhao said...

Ermmmmmm Zoe dun think its english, but hopefully eng version, but will try my best to translate for u guys okie. Yeah, luv Lain to bits altho was a sad anime.

vic said...

Hi Zhaodi

I was ecstatic to know there's going to be an official website for David!!! Like Zoe, I hope its in English or at least, there's an English version. To me, the website will draw us closer to understand David as an artiste - composer, songwriter, producer, perfectionist (heehee!) etc - and for him to read his fans' comments and feedback on how certain songs had moved them or brought them through certain difficult moments in their life. Hopefully, just as we were encouraged by his music, this direct communication will also personally encourage and impact upon him that his music is infectious and affects us in a positive way! And that he should continue this great work! =O)

I look forward to the day his official website is launched and will gladly pay membership fees (if its not too expensive and there's an English version)! =O) =O)

Zhao said...

Skybebe dun think there r membership fees just registering to be a member so can access all areas. As for eng version, I think if we leave sum msgs either @ davidcn, dftc english forum or even here & I will post them @ davidcn so David will know abt it.

zoe said...

well.. atleast he'll be more connected to his fans & that's all that matter :) I hope he don't get too busy working on the website than doin his music work but I guess he manage time better than anybody I ever know XD XD

very Off-Topic~ but I think 'Lain' was not that sad anime XD I meant I didn't feel sad.. more like weird feelin' empty feelin' ,but still like it alot [the last ep. was my fav~ the first warmth feelin' ever appear in the series] make me wanna find out what's the actual meaning all about... but in the end I left it as a mystery ^^;

Zhao said...

Sure David haf sumone look after website, not do it himself.

But I find Lain sad cos her family is not her real family & she is not even a real person but I like the first few episodes the best when she & Arisu(Alice) were such good friends.