New DT songs

Here's Lynn's DT Tshirt design, vry nice, Lynn. Anyway will post @ blog forum & anyone interested can leave msgs for Lynn okie. In fact will haf Buy, Sell & Exchange forum 4 all yr DT & Tension stuff. Personally interested in a huge DT poster, anyone haf?
David written a song 4 Gigi Leung new album ente'tein the 3rd song called Shan Xin, not sure the eng meaning. Anyway dun know much abt Gigi Leung except she is vry popular in HK & oso vry tall haha. In dis album she haf the cream of HK talent helping her - Sam Hui, Andy Lau, Hins Cheung & Edmond Leung, so David in vry good company. Not sure if he oso produced the track, but vry anxious to listen to song.
David oso wrote another song 4 Leo Ku's new album according to this article. Seemed will be r&b song like Don't say you don't know which he wrote 4 Leo's cantonese album Games. Happy dat David is quietly working with artists who seemed vry much into music 4 music sake not bursting onto the pop charts.
Other news is David's mum spotted dancing with much younger man, who Tao Dawei explained, is actually her dance instructor. David haf declined comments & his mum was reportedly incensed dat being close to sixy can still generate such gossip.
News oso speculating on the closeness of release of David's new album, Lee Hom's & Jay's live concert & the resulting competition. Plse ppl, dun buy into the hype, just follow yr heart, if u listen to album & like it then buy it. No such thing as competition in the music world, only hype. Look at U2, a flashy ad wif iPod followed by their bestselling album to date. U haf to wonder if ppl r buying the album 4 the music or cos its so cool. Sry but not a U2 fan myself altho can understand why David & so many ppl like them. They r clever in making their music both edgy & mainstream but I really dislike their 'feel good' attitude. Its like 'listen to our music & u become a citizen of the world feeling the pain'. How abt doing sumthing abt it then? I mean they r famous for singing abt social issues & yet their own countrymen still get abused at football games 4 the color of their skin.


zoe said...

lol~ I'd say I like U2 in their pop mainstrem tracks~ my fav songs r 'Walk on' [that they dedicate to that burmese lady I forgot her name fight for democracy XD] & also 'stuck in the moment' coz it kinda sooth me in a way~ It's not all that 'feel good' feelin' tho~ coz i usually listen to 'em & felt kinda 'lost' & 'lonely' but it's not a bad kind tho~ more like self-concious than ever..

I'm not U2 fan tho~ coz I don't listen to all their songs [just the hype one XD]

David kinda like U2 coz he can write both pop love songs & express his minds through his other songs so I guess that's what count to be an artist :)

Zhao said...

U meant Aung San Suu Kyi, the tribute album called For the Lady. Oh U2 music is vry good, no complains there but keep singing abt the oppressed & injustice without any answers, kinda irritating. Yes, David has social msgs in his songs but at least he dun set himself up as the social conscience of the entire world.

zoe said...

lol~ atleast they contribute their money for their social actions XD & they bring more artists to be more social-concious too~ so it's a nice example for other artists.. doesn't have to be good tho~

Zhao said...

Actually lotsa artist r social conscious except they dun publicised like U2. Anyway dun matter if u like them rite (*_____*) heard their song Vertigo again & its ok, nice as commercial jingle haha.