Live for today

Recommend a song vry seldom heard but great track nonetheless like Different. David wrote for Eason Chan's same name album, Live for Today released last yr. Can dl from my briefcase to listen. The beginning is terrific - all guitar & all David's, yup, David played all the guitars on dis track. Eason's vocals just great & so rite for this infectious rock song with uplifting lyrics by Wyman Wong to encourage Hkgers. Oso the backing vocals r Andrew Chu & Josh Chen. Not only dat but part of the mv shot on rooftop of David's studio heehee.
David's thoughts on Eason:
Working with Eason was simply pure pleasure and enjoyment. We had fun every step of the way because of the energy Eason constantly gave out. Watching him unleash his emotions and feelings in front of the mic without holding back was so refreshing as well as a totally liberating experience for Andrew and myself. What impressed me the most, though, was not Eason's uncanny vocal abilities but his sense of humor, kindness, honesty and love for the world around him. Eason truly deserves our ovation and respect. Fly high, my brother.'
The second track Katrina oso in briefcase. Again David demonstrated his excellent song arranging from simple love ballad to perfect rock ballad for Eason's vocals. Man, can the guy sing!

In this interview Jasmine/Fish Leong talk a bit abt David:
"I have always been his fan, from his first album I have bought every one of his album, and also have given them as gifts to my Malaysian friends. He write very good songs, and he is very sincere, and can play every kind of instrument. He is one person responsible for music arrangement and backing vocals, I have learnt from him many singing techniques."
She sounds like a really nice girl & most everyone who met her haf only good things to say. Apparently she sounds wonderful live & even tho she been put down as 'KTV queen' for singing so many sappy love songs, she is trying her best to try different styles.
I really liked dat even tho David can play so many instruments, he rarely demonstrate it. In his concerts he only play his guitar and a bit of piano, he just concentrated on his singing. He is just so sincere that he dun do sumthing unless it is for the music. Plse understand not putting down other singers like Lee Hom who play so many instruments on stage, part of his persona & his fans expect it of him. But for David, I think he will rather play the instrument only if required like recently electronic keyboard in Lou Dayou's album. Anyway sum pixs of Eason & David performing together in Soul Power concert. Dun they look great together & luv the first one where can see David sticking out his tongue lol. Click for larger image, pix credit davidcn.com


Anonymous said...

"But for David, I think he will rather play the instrument only if required like recently electronic keyboard in Lou Dayou's album."

Zhaodi, what did you mean by that?
I thought in music production, programming the instrument is reqiured. David did most of the programming himself (guitars, keyboards, drums, percussions, strings & so on). But sometimes, he invited other musicians to play the instrument, hoping that they can make the songs even more lively like Bruce Watsons, Dean Parks and Lance Morrison. I don't think he arranged the songs (write them in pieces) and pass the pieces to other musicians to programme them. Is that what you mean?

Zhao said...

No what I meant was the trend seemed to be artist playing instruments on stage to show they r more than just singer. But I just feel dat unless u r vry good at it like Eric Clapton then it dun add anything to yr music. Why I admire David is he just concentrated on his singing in his concerts & leave the instruments to his vry talented musicians so increased audience's enjoyment. But when he is producing in the studio, he will play the instrument to get the result he wants in a track. Not sure if u understand but anyway its kinda trivial.