Soul Power in Shanghai

In Shanghai yesterday, David looking tired (poor thing) but still sweet, said his musicians flying in from Singapore & Malaysia so its prolly his Soul Power crew. So happy & excited to see them reunited for a great New Year's Eve countdown concert tonight. Wish I could be there.
Oso it seemed he only finished recording 3 songs for his new album, but still scheduled to be released Jan 05. Dun noe what to think cos vry anxious to listen but dun want David to overwork. Well just haf to wait I guess. Btw DT forum shutdown was tonight midnight & reopened New Year's Day. See u there okie!

Yesterday was death anniversary of Anita Mui, forever a legend in our hearts. Oso death toll from the tsunami now 114,000. Remember, pray & help if u can.


shirley said...

wow if its really true, the fans over there were very lucky coz with soulpower crew ard, i bet it's gonna be another fabulous night like the soulpower concert... so happy for them, i think it'll be a night i'll regret of not being there too...but nvm the thought of DT upcomin album will comfort me =)

anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to DT & all DT fans! any1 goin for countdown cele??! enjoy yourselves..lol


Anonymous said...

Dear Zhaodi,

this isn't really a comment on the above article, but I do want to say that although I haven't left many comments on your blog, I visit it frequently and thank you for helping to plug a bit of an information gap since the demise of davidtao.org. I have enjoyed reading your entries, and I really like your "no nonsense" point of view when you express a view.

I have seen your posting on the Singapore thread at davidtao.com (thanks!)- I registered as soon as the site was up (simply under "mark" this time) but haven't had good web access over the holidays, so I haven't been there much - but I will start posting soon. See you there!

I wish you and your blog readers a happy new year.

take care

Zhao said...

hi hi tangerina, happy new year & hope u haf a lovely time @ countdown. MARK, so happy to see at last, was hoping to see yr msg @ DT forum but not sure if u r put off by the chinese content. Its ok not to leave msg here, just a blog but thank u 4 yr compliments but yeah can be bit headstrong heehee. Anyway hope u haf a lovely New Year's eve & definitely we will all meet @ DT forum next yr. Let's leave lotsa msgs 4 David so he feel vry encouraged & loved in 2005!