Red bean buns

It seemed that David is fond of red bean bread/bun, sumthing I totally detest, but he lurve the stuff (yuck yuck), but only from a few stores. The man is a tyrant hehehehehehehe. Not only that but he lurve to do his own laundry, another thing I totally detest, and hates it if u send his clothes to a laundromat (the man is a pest as well). So it seemed dat I dun haf what it takes to be Mrs Tao kekekekekekekekekekeke. Sry imma surviving on a few hrs sleep here & starting to show. Mahjong marathon going on & I haf forgotten how persistent can be.
I was thinking abt how a girl posted @ DT forum that she was ashamed dat her english is too bad to post, but I replied dat it should be us english educated chinese who should be embarrassed not understanding chinese. My parttime boyfriend from El Salvador & his spanish is non existent unless his mother become angry & swear at him in that language heehee. Such a pity that native speakers of 2 such beautiful languages by birth cannot speak it.
Why my parttime bf? Cos he is all the way in SF & I haf to decide if I wanna go & live wif him. Actually haf alredi decided not to go cos cannot bear losing my independence & having to rely on another person in a foreign country. Guess imma still a coward where reality is concerned. What haf this to do wif David & red bean buns & laundry. Cos think these r oso symptoms of fear of losing control. That u must do things a certain way, buy food only from a certain store. It easy to tell yourself to let things go but harder to accomplish.
*big sigh* anyway here r sum more stolen pixs only cos I lurve flouting rules as much as my independence haha


Anonymous said...

hoho....zhao i enjoy all kinds of red bean food!...well maybe except red bean ice-cream...thks for the little fact abt DT ....i din know tat until u mention it...lol


vic said...

Hey Zhao

Thanks for the regular updates!!! =O)
A guy who loves red bean buns and does his own laundry? I can live with that! Perhaps I can be Mrs Tao then....hahahahaha! =P

I tried once to log onto DT's official website, was unsuccessful and never tried again. Maybe I should attempt again. Your comments on it are making me salivate..... ;O)

p.s. thanks for the gorgeous pics! I've been away watching Korean serial, "Stairway to Heaven" and staring at another hunk, Kwon Sang Woo. I used to only think of DT, but now, Kwon Sang Woo too....heehee!

Zhao said...

Yeah tangerina, nvr knew DT likes red bean, I thot only girls like red beans heehee. Tsk tsk u r almost married skybebe, no more daydreaming of being Mr Tao or Mrs Kwon kekekekekekeke. Btw I posted @ DT that u r singing I Love You at yr wedding & inviting DT on yr behalf. Do try to login & see my msg okie!

Anonymous said...

Zhaodi - thank you for the interesting regular updates. Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year wish to you.

Heee, I like this thread.
Red bean bun eh, no problemos - DT can buy by the dozen and share some with me.
On laundry - erm, though I don't do my own, I can quite understand DT's insistent. When you're quite particular on the way the clothes is washed/ironed/folded/hanged - and so far nobody understand or able to do the way you do it - better do it yourself.

Hmmh, maybe it's not that difficult to be Mrs. Tao (the jr - hehehe).

*beach gurl*

Zhao said...

hullo beach gurl, wish u guys come & chat @ DT forum, sure David will smile reading our comments (*_____*)

vic said...

heehee.....Zhao, I was juz kidding lah abt being Mrs Tao (and then Mrs Kwon....you guessed my mind! ;O))......My Man is of course still the BEST! ;O)

p.s. finally managed to register myself and will go and take a look at your messages. Anyway, fiance told me few days ago not to have singing at the wedding (even tho I didn't say anything abt singing at the wedding)....so now, I not sure if I should sing...... =P

Zhao said...

I am glad u r registered skybebe, thread started by mercuria if you can't read chinese. So sad that you may not sing DT song, but just follow yr heart cos its yr wedding & most important day of yr life.