Leo Ku's Monica

Interesting pix during the making of Ghost mv, courtesy davidcn.com, be nice if David can come out wif dvd showing the making of all his mvs. Heard that the mv for Susan Says, he will be dressed in ancient clothing *faint* The good news dis weekend is The Great Leap 2005 sold 900,000 copies across Asia & is No 1 on the Taiwan chart (eat yr hearts out 5566). They haf the usual ice breaking ceremony during David's autograph session in Taipei. Can see the pixs @ davidtao.com, so a big congratulation to David!!!!!!!!

Leo Ku's new compilation album haf a vry interesting song called Monica. The tune & lyrcs referenced the orginal Monica sang by the late Leslie Cheung & is arranged by David for Leo. Dis the first time I heard David did background vocals for cantonese song. Its quite a nice song & interestingly the ending is a bit like Who do you love except it dun haf the long piano interlude. If u wanna hear it, I haf put it in my Yahoo briefcase, details in the Media section of blog forum.

Another nice article from Malaysian paper:
MUSIC: Rallying call against violence
By Ricky Yap
Jan 30:
IT was Taiwanese rhythm and blues king David Tao's fourth Mandarin album, but it was launched in Hong Kong amidst much fanfare and hoopla. Peaceful World is Tao's first release with EMI Music. His first three Mandarin albums were released with Music Street. In keeping with the imparting-of-positive-messages tradition of its predecessors, Tao's latest release, as its title suggests, is a rallying call for a violence-free Earth.
More than 800,000 copies of the album have been released worldwide, with media representatives from countries such as China, Singapore and Malaysia, invited for the launch. In addition, the event was simultaneously broadcast to other countries, with Tao showing off his multi-lingual skills, speaking in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and even Spanish.
While waiting for Tao to turn up, guests were treated to a loop screening of the nine-minute-long MTV film, Love Me Or Him (the first single from his album), which also featured him in his first kiss. Tao said he was a red-blooded professional during the MTV shoot: "I didn't stop kissing until the director yelled Cut!'," he quipped.
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Tao added that EMI also wanted to pick a second single, but its title, Qui (Devil in Mandarin), was deemed too sensitive.
But, as Tao explained, it was a perfect example of a storm in a teacup: "The lyrics have nothing to do with apparitions or the supernatural. The song is about bad people, commonly referred to as devils' in conversations among Chinese. So, there is nothing controversial about it." Picking the songs for the album and the actual recording took eight to nine months, although the planning process started about two-and-a-half years ago. Unlike his previous efforts, Tao has included several mainstream and commercial songs in Peaceful World.
"These tracks acted as insurance', just in case music lovers do not like the rhythm and blues songs on the album," said Tao, who turns 35 this year and is worried he might not get married by the time he reaches 40.
Tao was born in Hong Kong but moved to Los Angeles, California, in his early years. At the age of 11, he followed his family to Taipeh, Taiwan, and returned to the US a few years later to complete his high school education. He earned a degree in psychology from the University of California in 1991. A chance meeting with a Taiwanese album producer in Los Angeles led to his recording debut, Taoism, in 1997.

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