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Just wanna repeat this is a blog not a fansite. I called it David Tao Zhe blog only cos it is thru him & his music dat I expressed myself & my views on life & the world. All views & opinions expressed here haf nothing to do wif David Tao. Oso the reason dat sum DT fans post here is cos there is at present not many english David Tao fansites around & fans come here to read the latest stuff abt him. If u r upset at sum of the content on this blog, I kindly ask you to leave & not to visit again cos this is my little patch of cyber territory where I haf the freedom to write anything I choose.

David haf been attending lotsa interviews & entertainment shows which quite normal 4 new album release, but surprise is the appearance of his dad at these shows. They looked so comfortable together & can tell they haf great relationship. Oso a lot of funny situations like the one where Small S wanted to 'feel' David's body heehee. He talked a lot abt the inspirations for his songs & will prolly write longer on dat later as along wif the change of musical direction, David has oso emerged as more political & revolutionary. In fact he really has achieved a 'great leap' & ventured into places where other singer/composer can nvr follow. BTW David haf left a 6th msg in his diary, oso if u wanna legally dl the song Ghost or the uncut mv, the link is in this msg.

Well, basically not going to stop anyone from writing abuse on my shoutbox, the thing is dun mind if the person haf sumthing meaningful to say but just tirade cos I say a junior writer on a tabloid write bad english. There r more things in the world to worry abt than my meaningless blog like the racist Tsunami song for eg. Now that is sumthing dat u can really vent yr anger.

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'z1 said...

proves that DT really wants to spread his msg by providing legal downloads for the song and mv. not every artist is that generous.