Red rose & white rose

Here at last Lynn's latest DT Tshirt design, sry for the delay, but wanna made them look pretty heehee. Really nice, thx Lynn!
Latest news is David has kissing and bed scenes (why?why?why? David) in his new mv for Who do you love...but apparently he did it in one take...

...looked more like a friendly peck on the mouth hehehehehehehehe. At first was a bit disappointed dat like others must haf kissing in his mv but this mv based on Eileen Chang's famed story, Red Rose and White Rose.

Story describes dilemma of a man who fell in love with two vry different women. One the passionate & fiery Red Rose, the other the sweet & demure White Rose. He refused to marry Red Rose cos he felt she is not suitable to be his wife, instead he married the obedient White Rose then find that she was boring compared to Red Rose. This story kinda explores the double standard of chinese men who traditonally preferred their wives to be subservient & then haf affairs to satisfy their more carnal desires. I think lotsa men can be like that at times.
This story has been filmed before by renowned director Stanley Kwan with Joan Chen as Rose Red. Joan oso won Golden Horse award for best actress in 1994 for this role. The adapted screenplay slightly different from the book:
Wonderfully acted and beautiful looking period romantic drama from acclaimed director Stanley Kwan. Winston Chao is Tung Jan Biu, a 1920's-era Casanova, moving from woman to woman, like a bee flitting from one flower to the next. The "red rose" of the title is Joan Chen, and her character is fiery and passionate. The "white rose" is Veronica Yip, all quietude and timidity. Their relationships with Tun Jan Biu says something about their individual characters, but even more about Tun Jan Biu himself.

The author of the book Eileen Chang oso vry interesting. Sum brief biographies:
Eileen Chang was born and went to school in Shanghai, and attended Hong Kong University from 1939-1941, but returned to Shanghai when the Japanese occupied Hong Kong. Living in Japanese-occupied Shanghai she wrote many popular pieces published in mass-circulation magazines, but her remarkable use of language meant that she was also taken seriously as a writer. She moved to Hong Kong in 1952, and then to the United States in 1955, where she lived for the rest of her life. Her long story The Golden Cangue was described as "the greatest novelette in the history of Chinese literature" by the critic C.T. Hsia.
Eileen Chang Ailing (September 30, 1920 - found dead September 8, 1995) was a Chinese writer. Her works frequently deal with the tensions between men and women in love. Born and bred in Shanghai, Zhang was recognized as one of the foremost writers of love stories and novels during her lifetime. Publishing her first novel in 1943, Zhang immediately became the most popular author in Shanghai. In 1952, she left Shanghai and worked for the American News Agency in Hong Kong. She moved to the United States in 1955, and also wrote several English novels, none of which has met the popularity her Chinese works had, however.

Majority of her works haf been adapted as movies, plays or tv series wif most well known being Half Life Fate or Eighteen Springs. Oso Love in a Fallen City with Chow Yun Fat in the lead. Eileen herself was oso subject of many books, a couple of films, plays & tv series. Here u can read sample of her work translated into english. Marvellous writer.
Anyway this the background to mv being shot for Who do you love, quite exhaustive for a 4min music video which kinda what expected from DT by now. If y haf listen to the entire song & the lyrics, think u agreed Red Rose and White Rose is vry suitable & oso why David agreed to be filmed in bed & kissing his 'Red Rose' just to be realistic & in character. And the song became even more poignant as he is actually singing abt himself betraying 2 women.
Its amazing how I can rambled on DT for hrs cos he just generated from me this kinda crazy ramblings. He always associated with vry interesting, highly unusual stuff. Well just to conclude the mv will be premiering 1/20, a day b4 his album release. According to news report this mv like Ghost is shot like a movie & David acted throughout without singing. Looking foward to it greatly altho a bit heart pain @ seeing him kiss.

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vic said...

Zhaodi, when I first saw that first pic of David and the gal in red, I was shocked cos I thot it looked like a forceful action upon the lady but when I read what you wrote, I realised what its about and I can't wait to see it!!! Thanks for your posts! Always something educational and it widens and increases my knowledge about things around.

Take care and keep it coming! =O)