Ghost teasers

My mind dun work any more, numb from listening 2 so many chinese songs (why do they all sing in monotone?) heehee but all 4 David except they nvr did play Ghost again *tear*. But good news there r two teasers @ Great Leap site. Click 3rd chinese word (shi kan) from left & u see Ghost Teaser Part 1 & Part 2 in white text. Really cool like trailer 4 ghost movie. Anyway admin @ DT forum said 2 watch carefully cos...not sure 4 what.
Oso Yesasia haf more info on David's new album. Apparently his new partner is Li Zhuo Xiong & this cd is 'first instalment in a new musical trilogy' meaning there r 2 more new albums to come *joy* Oso the preorder gift is called Golden Collector's AVCD featuring Ghost full length 6min mv & 3 appraisal version of Ghost, She's still my love (Who do you love) & Susan says. Appraisal version just a vry long word 4 sample.

Maybe sum r confused by explanation of the song Susan said. The story of Su San or Yu Tang Chun (Jade Hall Spring) is classic beijing opera abt a girl called Su San, so even tho the title is Susan, when David is singing, he sings Su San not the english Susan. Managed to find synopsis here:
"Yu Tang Chun" follows the story of a lower-class girl named Su San who is sold to a brothel out of poverty. At the brothel, she gets to know Wang Jinlong, the son of a high-ranking official. They fall in love at first sight. Short of funds, Wang can't raise enough money to free Su San from the brothel. Wang decides to make a fortune, then marry Su San. So he works very hard at an exam, which, if he can get a high score, assures him a high-ranking official position. Unfortunately, at the same time, Su San is sold by the brothel owner to Shen Yanlin, a rich merchant, as a concubine. Shen's wife is so envious of the beauty of Su San that she intends to poison her. But by mistake, Shen drinks the poison prepared for Su San and dies. Accused of poisoning Shen, Su San is sentenced to death. Unwilling to give up, Su appeals to a higher court, until finally, her case arrives before Wang Jinlong, who now is a high official because of his high scores on the exam. Wang examines the case carefully and the truth is revealed. The lovers marry at last.
So David sings beijing opera but in a vry modern, r&b way. U just haf to listen to believe.

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