Net chat @ Tom

David attended net chat @ Tom after his autograph session in Beijing. He answered a lot of questions & perhaps was tired, rambled on a bit but it was vry interesting & he looked adorable. Click here to stream watch. He looked serious here haha, more pixs!

He did revealed a lot abt his album song by song:
Catherine - he did not compose the tune but a young new composer from mainland China called Dean who had composed the theme for davidcn, David heard the song & liked it a lot so he got one of his co guy to get in touch with Dean. Dean send sum more of his compositions & Catherine was one of them. Dean wrote the song for his gf called Catherine but when David sang it, it wasn't quite rite. Then he remembered his mother was oso called Catherine so he turned it into a song abt son/mother relationship.
Love Can - David vry happy lotsa fans like this song as he wasn't sure whether his fans would like this kinda composition.
The Art of war - Fans were surprised dat he wrote this b4 the tsunami tragedy as it was mentioned in the lyrics, but David said this song was actually written abt his concerns for the environment.
Who do you love - mostly talking abt THE KISS heehee
Susan Said - David demonstrated the melody of beijing opera can oso be modern
Fated - this song is actually quite sad abt how sumtimes love cannot be fulfilled, sounded as if David talking abt his own experiences
Sula & Lampa - lotsa mainland chinese dun understand this song but David didn't explain, just say it will be explained in time.
2Night - David explained the reason 2 rather to cos it abt 2 people.
What's Love - Another 'love went wrong' song.
David oso told a story abt when he filming environment docu for Komodo Dragons in Singapore, when he & the camera crew was chased by the animals cos they went into the enclosure. It was really funny. But he sounded rather tired & sick, poor David, but he will be getting sum rest b4 heading back to Taiwan for weekend autograph sessions.

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zoe said...

he's so cute when in deep thinking~ XD lol he likes pink shirt isn't he?
nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have to wait for another week maybe ;_; doesn't have enough money to pay for express delivery.... mwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ :whine like baby: