No ghost in China

David's album not even released yet but alredi lotsa news as haf been confirmed Ghost banned in mainland China. So David now has unbroken record of having a song in every of his album banned in China. Also cos of the 'disturbing' content, Ghost mv can only be shown after 11.00pm & the avcd is restricted to 18 & above.
David went on most of the popular news entertainment shows in Taiwan to promote his preorder. He looked skinny & rather tired, but still his charming, talkative self. But this time I thought he was more restrained & serious, in fact almost intensive in his outlook. He explained meaning of Ghost vry simply ending wif, "Humans are more frightening than ghosts!". Oso he decided not to sing during his autograph session which was rather unusual as most fans expect their idols to sing. In fact reading sum posts from his taiwanese fans, they will rather disappointed & hope he will sing Who do you love or Susan said.
I think David is trying to move away from the idol image completely. In fact during one interview when asked why he took so long to release his album, he said dat since he's not an idol, dun haf to release 6 albums per yr (heehee think he's tired of being told he is slow). & when asked if he felt that Jay releasing his live cd on same day will be competing, he just said that in a 'healthy' music market, there will not be competition but room for variety. And in his radio interview, he even said that if u like it, buy it, if not, then not his problem as his record company is the one responsible for selling the album. Yes, David @ his most honest & most adorable.
As mentioned b4 he wrote a song for Anita Mui cos he felt that of all the HK celebrities who died, Anita was the one most remembered. Oso a song with 12 Girl Band cos he saw their mv when in HK & was inspired to write a song with elements of East, West & rock. The most interesting & prolly more 'controversial' than Ghost is a song begining with Sula and Lampa, the word Lampa is a dirty swear word in taiwanese (actually meant a certain human organ). He used dis word cos he felt since taiwanese politicans r using it freely, than shouldn't blame him for using it in a song (uhhhhhmmm can anticipate no gma nomination again).
Oso for the first time David cowrote a song Catherine wif new songwriter who wrote the song for his ex-girlfriend but David used it to express mother/son relationship. As mentioned in his msgs, David has filmed 5 mvs wif 5 diff directors. The first to release in China is Who do you love? & this popular mainland actress below cast opp David. Oso think I read sumwhere he rejected director's request 4 french kiss wif costar but think just news gossip.


vic said...

I admire David for his convictions in an industry where there is such a strong herd mentality and the inclination to conform is strong.

And when he said humans are scarier than ghosts, I believe that cos my grandma said that before too.

p.s. hi zhaodi, i must admit I was abit taken aback cos I thot we could express our views but is that on the forums and not on this blogspot? =P But I just wanted to explain that my post was meant to explain my admiration for David's singing. Maybe I didn't put it across too well. =O(

Zhao said...

My dear skybebe, I meant I was too harsh not you. But u know u can post anything u want here, but just wanna expressing my dislike of singers being compared. Jacky Cheung is an extremely good singer & he oso did a vry nice version of I Love You, infact was going to recommend u listen to it as u can sing it his way rather than David's.

zoe said...

"Humans are more frightening than ghosts!"
this is so TRUE~!! my mom said it when I was lil' too~ she said 'Only human can do harm to human, not ghost'

whoa~ I need to get his CD but from Yesasia the preorder ver. r like exactly same as when I order Ultrasound DVD so do u think I should wait alil' longer? hopefully the cost will come down abit.. I'm not very rich & the shipment cost alot too :sniff:

vic said...

heehee...zhaodi, you v cute lah. Call me dear! =O)

I know you meant that you yourself was harsh, just that in your initial statement I was shocked lah, that's all. =O) But its all behind me now. So let's not worry/ or dwell on it, k.

Thanks for that recommendation! I think I'll listen to Jacky Cheung's version. If its not too much trouble, do you know which album of his has that song? Thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend ahead, zhaodi! ;O)